Bud's WBC Legacy: Who Else is Psyched For Japan vs. South Korea?

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IDecember 30, 2016

Tonight's the big night!
This is what all the sacrifice was for!  Sending 16 Mets to the World Baseball Classic was worth it.
Japan vs. South Korea for the right to declare themselves the true World Champions of Baseball.
This is what everyone wanted!
Wright risking injury, Perez throwing 85 pitches, K-Rod's four inning saves—it all led to tonight...
Japan vs. South Korea!
I plan to take tomorrow off so I can stay up late (game time is 9pm Eastern / 10am Tokyo) and soak this in.
This time it counts!  Bud Selig is talking about how this will be his legacy. I guess when your choices are Wild Cards, a lost World Series and steroids...sure the WBC is a good choice.  
The players want this thing moved to November.  So do I.  The argument that the fall is all about the NFL doesn't hold water—play the games Tuesday thru Saturday and you'll be fine.
Finally spring training begins.  The Captain returns to Tampa, and The Future Captain returns to Port St. Luice.   Enjoy your silly exhibition game at 9pm Bud, I won't be watching.
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