Oakland Raiders Draft Strategy: Darren McFadden or Bust

Davey PaniaguaContributor IMarch 23, 2008

Todd McShay seems like a good writer for ESPN. He's been there for about 10 years, and it can be argued that he's going to replace Mel Kiper, Jr., once the "old man" moves on (to Fox Sports).

As a member of ESPN Insider, I love checking out what both Kiper, Jr. and McShay have to say about mock drafts for the upcoming NFL Draft on April 26-27th. They're going to be wrong about a lot of their picks, but at least Kiper, Jr. got someone one right.

That man is Darren "Run DMC" McFadden, who is going to be an unequivocal force to be reckoned with in the NFL. Did we not just see this man among boys run the fastest 40 time in years? 

McFadden is clearly the best prospect in the draft, and it would be foolish of any one team to skip on picking him. That goes for the Dolphins, Rams, and Falcons, who clearly have good to decent running backs. Don't be afraid to draft McFadden, who will reap awards the likes of which Jake or Chris Long could only dream. 

Going back to McShay, he seems to think that the Raiders will draft a defensive tackle, namely Glenn Dorsey of the LSU Tigers. This is where the article becomes a Def Jam Comedy Hour, because McShay would be bringing down the house right now with this talk of drafting any defensive player for the Raiders.

This is the same organization in Oakland that saw fit to give Tommy Kelly and DeAngelo Hall tens of millions in guaranteed coin. Believe it when I say that Oakland would do a disservice to its loyal fans if they go another direction and get somebody to protect the line.

Don't laugh when you see the Raiders line-up. Laugh at the execution (aka playcalling) by Lane Kiffin, who seems to forget that JaMarcus Russell was put on this earth to throw the long ball and not dink-and-dunk pass plays.

Getting McFadden would be a huge complement to Justin Fargas' power running game, and would only instill confusion to the other teams as they prepare for the running AND passing games from Oakland for the first time since Charlie Garner was around.

The Raiders don't win much, but I believe strongly they're on the verge of the playoffs and more by drafting McFadden.

I think the other three teams before them would be foolish not to draft McFadden, but just like McShay and Kiper, Jr., they'll find ways to slide away from a supposed problem child of a player.