WWE Main Event Results: Winner, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from December 5

Tim KeeneyContributor IDecember 5, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The action in South Carolina lived up to the name "Main Event."

Vince McMahon's new weekly broadcast doesn't get quite as much attention as any of the other shows, but WWE Main Event proved on Wednesday night that it can provide an absolute abundance of in-the-ring entertainment. 

Let's take a look at what happened.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston: No Winner

We started off with, coincidentally enough, the "main event" of Main Event: 

Cesaro vs. Kingston. The Swiss Superman vs. The Wildcat. Power vs. Athleticism. Champion vs. Champion.

With R-Truth and Wade Barrett, each man's rival, at the commentary table, we got started with plenty of action.

Cesaro started off the wrestling, displaying the pure power that the announcers were having a fun time gushing over. After a good span of dominance, Kingston eventually took over and displayed his speed, athleticism and ability to get the crowd off its feet.

It was a wonderful back-and-forth between two contrasting styles.

After landing the Boom Drop, Kingston was ready to end the match with Trouble in Paradise before Wade Barrett entered the ring to stop him. R-Truth followed suit, and all mayhem broke out.

Kingston and Truth eventually cleared the ring, but not before challenging Barrett and Cesaro to come back down for a tag team match. 


Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett

Two extra men, more good wrestling.

The Europeans controlled most of the first half of the match, although there was plenty of back-and-forth between the two teams, as they worked with good chemistry. 

Eventually, Kofi and Truth regained control. Truth tried to hit Cesaro with the sunset flip, but because of the power of the United States champion, couldn't quite flip him over for the pin.

No worry, as Kingston nailed Cesaro with the Trouble in Paradise and Truth scored the pin for the win.

True fans of wrestling had to have been impressed with this match, as there was pure, solid action all around. 


Twitter Reaction

I tell ya, this guy had the right idea:

good thing WWE main event is on

— Frank Vescio (@frank_vescio) December 6, 2012

He also had the right idea when he re-tweeted himself. Nonetheless, I'm sure he was far from disappointed with the night's events. 

Miz, who came out to help announce the tag-team match, had a terrific point (via Justin Henry):

Miz just said that you never know what's going to happen on Main Event, which makes it a good polar opposite to Raw #wwe #mainevent

— Justin Henry (@cynicjrh) December 6, 2012

This person also had a valid point with this tweet:

see WWE Main Event is what the extra hour of RAW should've given us: the majority of an hour dedicated to good WRESTLING matches

— some tatami mats (@will__rc) December 6, 2012

There was still plenty of filler during the night's event, but it's hard to deny how impressive the actual wrestling was. Matt Striker echoed that sentiment:

#mainevent is on ! Good matches w a lot of time given to "wrestling"- a throwback to why I fell in love w this in the 1st place. #1stlove

— Matt Striker (@Matt_Striker_) December 6, 2012

Finally, this sums it all up pretty well (via Mark Brown):

"Main Event" is the best show @wwe does! The entire hour was all for one match. Cesaro wrestled over 30 minutes. Incredible.

— Mark Brown (@FantasyGodSport) December 6, 2012