The Worst Commercials in NHL History

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IDecember 6, 2012

The Worst Commercials in NHL History

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    The NHL has a history of producing commercials and ads that feature their players in an attempt to generate exposure and interest in the league.

    Some commercials have been zany, some have been weird and others have been downright stupid. Others have featured NHL players promoting products that have nothing to do with hockey.

    Not all the commercials that have been produced have been winners, so here are the worst commercials in the history of the NHL.

Adam Oates' Awkward Commercial

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    Adam Oates was recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame for his great achievements to the NHL. This awkward NHL commercial was not one of his greatest achievements, and it was one of the worst NHL commercials produced to date.

Alex Ovechkins Memorable Flub

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    As much as NHL fans want to forget this commercial, this is an obligatory commercial to include in any "worst" of compilation. 

    Most people don't know whether to laugh or face palm at Alex Ovechkin's laughable attempt to sing and promote the Eastern Motors Company.

How Can I Even Begin to Describe This?

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    There are no real words to describe the absurdity of this commercial. It was the 1980s and there were a lot of weird things from the decade, and this happens to be one of those things that can't be explained.

    There is something creepy about this commercial, but at least it isn't the creepiest ad in NHL history.

Ron Hextall's Awkward Endorsement

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    This commercial doesn't really make sense and it was another commercial that just featured an NHL player endorsing a product. Ron Hextall was one of the toughest goaltenders of his era, but his endorsement of Canada Dry, was one of the worst commercials in recent memory.

    After all, isn't it bad for athletes to drink carbonated beverages right before they get on the ice?

The Chi-Town Boys Get Together

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    On the ice, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have great chemistry, so it would only be natural to assume that their chemistry extends to off the ice.

    Apparently not, because although this commercial is semi-funny, it is an awkward commercial used to promote a smartphone and its "revolutionary" features.

    While this commercial may be semi-humorous, is it believable that Toews would need help picking up chicks off the ice? 

Swedish Twins

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    Yes, some have said this commercial is one of the funniest commercials in recent memory, but it is downright creepy.

    The innuendoes and context established at the beginning of the commercial only become creepier when the "Swedish twins" make their entrance in this awkward commercial.

Teemu Selänne

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    Teemu Selänne is one of the greatest forwards in the history of hockey, but commercials aren't for him, even in his home country of Finland.

    It appears that the Finnish Flash is promoting a candy bar, but it gets a little weird when he starts tossing candy bars around and holding a toy panda.

Classic Jágs

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    Hey, I guess Jaromir Jágr had to find something to do during the lockout. I don't know what is harder to believe, Jágr as a bartender, or him being a quiet bartender?

    With CBA negotiations looking up, good ole Jágs should be back on NHL ice in no time.

Wayne's World

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    This commercial is one of Wayne Gretzky's worst and it bears a striking resemblance to the scene in Wayne's World when Wayne and Garth are giving shameless plugs to tons of different brands and organizations on their show.

    Either way, this commercial just screams awkward.

Make Sure Your Hair Has Hockey Flow

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    Doug Gilmour was one of the most talented NHL centers in the history of hockey, but he isn't a great actor. This hair commercial promoting anti-dandruff shampoo is pretty awkward and evidence that Gilmour and his mullet should stick to hockey.

Hockey Players Are Not Actors

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    This commercial is full of a lot of awkwardness and bad acting. Between Max Talbot acting like "McLovin" to the badly executed dialogue, this commercial is a steel city stinker.