Trent Edwards' Locker Apprently Belongs to Tebow, NFL Mystery Begins

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Trent Edwards' Locker Apprently Belongs to Tebow, NFL Mystery Begins
Photo Credit: Deadspin

Trent Edwards is a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles who rests somewhere between Nick Foles and a tube of Pringles on the depth chart.

Today he is famous. 

Deadspin received the photo below who they received from someone who covers the Philadelphia Eagles. 

It's a picture of Trent Edwards' locker with the name 'Tebow' taped over, beginning a great sleuthing riot of websites trying to figure out what the hell is going on over there. 

Larry Brown Sports, Cosby Sweater and even the initial Deadspin post offered very little in answers and only laughter in the off-the-wall questions asked because of the random Tebowing

Dan Moscaritolo, WFMZ-TV in Reading, was dumbfounded.

And so it goes on Twitter, with many asking why the name of the most popular backup in sports history happens to rest on a third string quarterback's locker who plays for an entirely different team. 

We welcome anyone who has an idea as to what's going on here. 

David Welker/Getty Images

If it's a prank, it's a damn cold one considering Trent Edwards never did anything to hurt anyone, including NFL defenses. 

If it's Andy Reid's way of telling Edwards he has some incoming competition, that's just hilarious. 

Hit me up on Twitter, especially if you have answers. 

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