5 Coaches the Jaguars Could Look at If They Let Mike Mularkey Go

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 10, 2012

5 Coaches the Jaguars Could Look at If They Let Mike Mularkey Go

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    This slide show is predicated on the idea that the Jaguars and team owner Shad Khan may make a change at general manager.

    Should Khan pull the trigger (and this reporter hopes he does) and let Gene Smith go, there will be a major shakeup in the hierarchy of the team. And after the Jaguars' 17-10 loss at the hands of the New York Jets, there is no reason to believe the heat under the seat of head coach Mike Mularkey shouldn't be more than warm right about now.

    Changing general managers could mean a change in coaches as well. New general managers sometimes have an idea of who they want coaching the team, and in this case, since Mike Mularkey was a Gene Smith hire, and the fact Mularkey and the Jags are sporting a 2-11 record, he could be on the hot seat.

    But again, this is purely speculation. However, you also have to figure since this team is moving further into the doldrums of the NFL, a change could be made or this team could be scraped, and Khan could start over and build this franchise in his image.

    If a change is made in both the general manager and head coaching roles, here are a few names the Jaguars could look at to fill the sideline slot.

Josh McDaniels

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    This is the first link to getting Tim Tebow back in Jacksonville.

    McDaniels was the head coach in Denver when he drafted Tebow out of Florida, and when he was fired and subsequently returned to New England, Tebow was left without a support system in Colorado.

    McDaniels is the offensive mastermind behind Tom Brady's success and could either help Chad Henne become a better version of himself, or he could seek Tebow to run his offense and work a trade with the New York Jets,.

Andy Reid

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    This may also be a package deal. 

    If Andy Reid (more like when) is fired, will he remain in coaching? He has been the face of the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 years, and now, it appears he and his team have hit rock bottom.

    His days are numbered. If he gets back into coaching, would Jacksonville be a destination? This could also mean many things to the team.

    Does it also mean he would be able to bring Michael Vick and the West Coast offense with him?

    Vick would bring people to the stands, but he also would be an injury risk. Would the Jacksonville fans be warm to the idea of Vick with his baggage in the past?

    Also, does Reid want to coach again, or does he want time away from the game?

Dirk Koetter

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    It would be odd, but I could see this happen.

    Koetter was the offensive coordinator under Jack Del Rio, and he has been very successful in Atlanta.

    Mike Mularkey had been the offensive coordinator in Atlanta before he was offered the job here in Jacksonville.

    Koetter has the offense in Atlanta moving at a high speed. Could he finally be allowed to open the vault and show what he can do with his own team?

    I like this move, but it probably won't happen.

Rex Ryan

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    I think his days in New York are numbered. He has a defensive mind, and this would also mean the entire staff will be gutted.

    Ryan is a likable guy with a personality that fits in the spotlight, much like Shad Khan. He builds defensive winners. 

    The Jets are 6-7 right now and not out of the playoff picture, yet. But the recent split decision with management over who should be playing quarterback in New York (Mark Sanchez vs. Greg McElroy) may show there is a crack in team owner Woody Johnson's confidence in Ryan. 

    This season, the defense still has played pretty well while the offense has continued to struggle. And we haven't opened this door yet, but he has a certain quarterback up there that fans in Jacksonville would love to see on the sidelines weekly and possibly lead this team to the playoffs.

Bill Cowher

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    This is the one coach who is constantly on the Jaguars list of potential coaches. Or at least it is reported that he is.

    Cowher is not going leave the comfy post on CBS as an analyst.

    Cowher has been linked to the Jags, Cleveland, Carolina, San Diego and Kansas City in the past, and he will be linked to open positions this year.

    Last year, before Mike Mularkey was hired, it was reported Cowher had bought property in the Jacksonville area. Let's see if he buys another home in Florida.