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Debate: Are Pau's Struggles Solely on Him or Is It D'Antoni's System?

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Debate: Are Pau's Struggles Solely on Him or Is It D'Antoni's System?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are Pau Gasol's struggles a result of his game diminishing or is it Mike D'Antoni's system?


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Other than the tendonitis that he now has in both his knees, five words can sum up Gasol's problems: Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni. Both coaches have ...
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Simple Pau has 2 championship rings dantoni has none not even an appearence Pau has played well before dantoni but not with dantoni sucked in new yo...
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I have to agree with each and every one of you all, the lakers aren't the same... Now D'antoni has to go with his run n gun offense that hasn't won an...
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No matter how you slice and dice, the Lakers have lost the last two games for one reason, Howard can't seem to find the basket from the freethrow line...
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I think Pau's struggles are partly on him and partly on the system. The reason they are partly on him, is because he has not been playing at 100%. He ...
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