The X Factor: How Gonzaga will Take Down UNC

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The X Factor: How Gonzaga will Take Down UNC
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Micah Downs is an individual who has came to Gonzaga as a transfer from Kansas for more playing time. Coach Few is not about individuals  but  he does respect Downs for his athleticism.

You have to give it to someone who wants to transfer to a different university for more playing time.  Micah wants that playing time...well now he has it!  The question of the day is, "will you step up to the plate (THE LINE)" abd give us a show, of what you can do?"

We've have all heard of, "the one" that wants the ball!

I have to say to Micah "go get the ball!"


The key factor on taking on "psycho" and the tar heels is rebounds.

Heytfelt will equalize "psycho" with a steady "body on body."  But who will step up and make a factor on both offensive and defensive rebounds?

I believe Downs can be the man, and I say bring e'm DOWN!  Now is the Time! 

We will see...sweet 16.

Oh yeah!

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