Chad Johnson Evokes Strong Emotion on Twitter with First Take Appearance

Patrick Clarke@@_Pat_ClarkeCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2012

Polarizing NFL free-agent wide receiver Chad Johnson stopped by the debate desk on ESPN's First Take for an hour on Wednesday morning, and it didn't take viewers long to take to Twitter with their thoughts.

With Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith going back and forth at Johnson with questions ranging from domestic violence to his failed stint with the New England Patriots in 2011, the former Cincinnati Bengal looked rattled at times, but poised at others. 

In the end, Johnson left Twitter goers with more than enough to talk about.

Bayless hyped Wednesday's show up nicely with a short video in which he introduced some of the topics that were discussed with Chad Johnson at the debate desk.

Under Armour All-American and Michigan commit Patrick Kugler encouraged everyone to watch with a shout out to the wideout formerly known as Chad Ochocinco:

This ESPN First Take is awesome! Chad Johnson is killing it!

— Patrick Kugler (@Kugleybear57) December 5, 2012


B.M. Wesley pointed out just how real the interview was, with no topic being off limits:

If you're not watching Chad Johnson on First Take this morning you are losing terribly because, this interview is too real!!

— B.M. Wesley ❤ (@_BlackMansWish_) December 5, 2012


With everything on the table, it seemed like at times Johnson was the victim of an ambush by Bayless and Smith. Just ask the Turntable Whisperer:

Chad Johnson really thought he was going on First Take to debate. Wrong, he walked into an ambush.

— Turntable Whisperer(@DJScratch) December 5, 2012


Not long into Johnson's appearance on First Take did Twitter users begin chiming in on the free agent's future in the NFL. Johnson played 10 seasons with the Bengals before joining the Patriots in 2011.

He was cut by the Miami Dolphins in training camp this past summer, leading many to believe his days as an NFL player are over. 

Either way, Johnson delivered this message to all 32 NFL teams during his appearance on First Take

James Questel didn't buy Johnson's message according to this tweet:

Chad Johnson on First Take is like watching at train wreck.Can't stop watching.He will never play again#ChadOnFT

— James Questel (@jquesteljr) December 5, 2012


After watching him on First Take, Brandon Woodward didn't even think Johnson was the same person:

This interview with Chad Johnson on First Take is just sad. He's obviously not the same guy anymore. #ChadOnFT

— Brandon Woodward (@bwoodward11) December 5, 2012


Johnson certainly seemed like a more mature man at the debate desk, apologizing for his past and not once pounding his chest with claims of being an elite wide receiver. 

Meanwhile, self-proclaimed sports guru Greg Fisher particularly enjoyed the moments during Tuesday's interview when debaters Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith asked Johnson the tough questions:

Lol Stephen a smith & Skip Bayless are grilling Chad Johnson right now on ESPN FIRST TAKE WOW #ESPN2

— GREG FISHER  (@REALGREGFISHER) December 5, 2012


Some found it funny that Johnson was so willing to express his past, like @ArrogantBella in this tweet:

Chad Johnson done came on first take thinking he was going to see is his therapist!

— ❤❤❤❤❤ (@ArrogantBella) December 5, 2012


Katie Donnellan summed up Johnson's time at the First Take debate desk with a tweet commending the 34-year-old for letting the public in on some of his past mistakes:

Impressed with @ochocinco on First Take right now. Not so much for history, but for owning up and taking responsibility. #ChadOnFT

— Katie Donnellan (@ktdonnellan) December 5, 2012


Indeed, Johnson's appearance was no doubt perceived by many as nothing more than a public apology to anyone he had wronged in the past. 

But when he wasn't apologizing or owning up to something, Johnson was providing significant football insight. He gave a shout out to Bengals stud receiver A.J. Green (saying that he would take a backseat to Green if he were in Cincinnati), and even took responsibility for his shortcomings with the Miami Dolphins this past summer. 

We also learned that he's still training like an NFL player and that he refers to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as "Daddy," even on national television.

But to sum up, Chad Johnson's time with the First Take crew was awkward early on, heated at times but entertaining throughout, and Twitter's emotional explosion proves that. 


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