Who Is or Was the Better Player: Grant Hill (in His Prime) or LeBron James

O' JohnsonContributor IMarch 22, 2009

After watching the LeBron James rally up his third straight triple-double in a win against the Phoenix Suns a few weeks ago, I started to realize something. I realized that as of now, LeBron James does not in any way remind me of Michael Jordan like a few people say. However, the one player that LeBron James did remind me of that night was none other than the player that was defending him half of the night, Grant Hill.

Many young fans with no type of knowledge of the NBA before 2003 would probably read this article and say, "This guy is retarded to even compare Grant Hill to King James." But what many of the young NBA fans don't know is that Grant Hill was the original LeBron James in his early years with the Detroit Pistons.

Grant Hill, in his early years, was one of the most skilled and talented players in the NBA. He drove into the lane with a mix of smoothness and power, was an elite defender, a good shooter (not great), and had passing abilities and court vision similar to those of Magic Johnson. Like LeBron James is today, he was a triple-double threat. Sadly, his career was dampered by horrible injuries.

There is no doubt in my mind that Grant Hill would have ended up probably being the second or greatest SF in NBA history if he didn't become an injury-plagued player.

Now it's 2009 and we are witnessing LeBron James becoming one of the most dominating forces in the NBA. In my opinion, Grant Hill in his prime is better than LeBron James but I want to know what others think.

Note: If you did not watch the NBA before 2003, do not even bother commenting on this article.