Michelle Jenneke Delights in Tantalizing Cosby Sweaters Interview

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Michelle Jenneke continues to ride the success of her impromptu dance with yet another interview that will assuredly delight her fans. 

Cosby Sweaters bring you the latest in their recent meeting with the Australian hurdler who became a world-wide sensation this past year. 

The website teased us back in November that they were about to bombard the Internet with more goodies from camp Jenneke and haven't disappointed. 

They delivered the goods in a photo shoot with the 19-year-old track and field star and now, as promised, give us this interview. 

Granted, there isn't anything terribly hard-hitting about the exchange, but it's spliced with images of Jenneke dancing.

And really, that's pretty much what fans demand at this point in her career. 

If you ever wanted to know if she loved the taste of Vegemite, owned a boomerang or anything else that is stereotypically Australian, watch the interview. 

These are the type of softballs lobbed in her direction. 

She has been asked to race for her phone number, though she has never lost, has done work with an orphanage in Tanzania and will major in mechatronics

That would be the mash-up of mechanical and electrical engineering. Yes, she is prettier and smarter than I will ever be. 

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