How a John Cena TLC Victory Could Speed Up WWE Brand, Title Unification

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How a John Cena TLC Victory Could Speed Up WWE Brand, Title Unification
With prodding from Vince McMahon, right, Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero sets up the Money in the Bank ladder match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. ( photo)

Monday's announcement on Raw of the John Cena-Dolph Ziggler Money in the Bank match at WWE TLC 2012 could create larger issues than just Ziggler possibly losing his briefcase.

If Cena wins the briefcase, he gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. That is a belt normally associated with the SmackDown brand.

There lies the dilemma. Cena, WWE’s top Superstar, usually appears on Raw, which is WWE’s flagship show.

WWE certainly is not going to let its flagship Superstar jump from its flagship show, are they? So it makes sense to have Ziggler retain the briefcase.

But WWE has made its living on doing things that make people shake their heads in disbelief.

If Cena were to take the WHC belt, it could expedite what WWE began exploring last year. The Raw and SmackDown merger would finally become official.

In essence, they already have joined forces. With the exception of Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk, superstars seamlessly float between the shows.

Cena as the World Heavyweight Champion would be “obligated” to be on SmackDown. As it stands now, his appearances on that show—outside of taped segments from the previous Raw—are infrequent.

Cena is a polarizing figure in the WWE. Fans either love him or love to hate him.

Regardless, his televised appearances do tend to draw eyeballs, and that is something WWE is craving now, especially for its “A” show. The company certainly is not going to sacrifice its “A” show for its “B” show.

In the alphabet jungle, A beats B every time.

In addition to a possible brand unification, a Cena run with the World title has another factor in its favor.

The Internet has been abuzz about unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight championships. If Cena has the belt, the chances of that happening certainly improve.

A potential storyline has Punk dropping the WWE championship to The Rock at next month’s Royal Rumble. That sets up a Rock-Cena rematch at April’s WrestleMania 29 and a chance for Cena to get both revenge and the WWE belt.

Imagine the direction that storyline could take if Cena has the WHC belt going into WrestleMania. And you do not get a much bigger stage in sports entertainment than a WrestleMania.

If brand and title unification were to ever take place, WrestleMania would be the time to do it—with WWE’s main attraction leading the way.

Bill Atkinson is a columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter at @BAtkinson1963.

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