Oakland Raiders: Long-Time Critics About to be Silenced

Ryan ManceboContributor IMarch 23, 2008

Several years ago, when the Raiders were at the top of the NFL, they must have beat down every team, showing no mercy. 

They must have piled on points even when they had the game in hand. They must have successfully hurt and injured many players on many teams. There must have been so much damage that fans of the other teams felt deep, sincere pain in the core of their hearts. 

I have seen a lot of "Hater-ism" through the years, but this has got to be the worst I have ever seen. At a time when most Raider fans are as optimistic as we have been in years, any fan or writer from any other team is fishing for any negativity they can find to put a negative spin on the Raiders.

Whether it be Kiffin's out, or that we spent too much money on free agents, or that the Raiders are the worst team in sports...It's all crap. These haters will get theirs and it will come sooner than they think.  

Al Davis has finally had enough. He is determined to make the Raiders a powerhouse in the NFL once again, and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. 

I don't care what all the haters think either. The Raiders are on their way back. Our defense will shut down some teams, taking the pressure off our young quarterback allowing our offense to flourish. 

So, to all the haters. Look yourself in the mirror and say, "I am not biased about the Raiders, and I truly think they suck.” When your done with this task, close your eyes and picture a silver and black helmet coming in with a swinging motion slapping you right in your hater-face.

Go Raiders! We’re Back!