Tag Team Power Pt.4 The Miz and John Morrison

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2009

Hey everyone Tag Team Power is back. Today I'm doing The Miz and John Morrison.

Everyone knows these two from their show The Dirt Sheet. Where they talk about the WWE. They also are Slammy award winning wrestlers and the current holders of the World Tag Team Title.

They Currently are in a feud with Primo and Carlito Colon. The first match I saw of this feud was the fight over who got to go on a date with the Bella twins on Valentine's Day. Miz and Morrison won this match.

The date was interrupted though when the Colons attacked The Miz and Morrison at the date. This ended in the first time the Colons hit the Bella's with food.

Now The Miz and Morrison are trying for the Undisputed Tag Title. They can get this title by beating the Colons in a unification match ay WrestleMania XXV. for the WWE Tag Title.  If you like good tag team action tune in. ( If you can afford the PPV)

Lastly I've decided to talk about the abnormality of this tag team. They don't have a name. I mean most tag teams have some fancy name like The Motor City Machine-guns, or The Hardy Boyz. This team isn't like most tag teams.

Well that's all for tonight. Next time you guys get to decide between the Dudley Boys or The Colons