49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Once Featured in 'Saved by the Bell: The New Class'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 4, 2012

Jim Harbaugh retroactively fixed a horrible show and simultaneously made the day of every single person watching this video (skip to 15:13 in the video for Harbaugh).

Pretty spot-on praise if you consider the acting job delivered by the tough-as-nails head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and the awfulness that was Saved By the Bell: The New Class

A big tip of the cool-guy fedora to the The Big Lead, who spotted this video of a young Harbaugh on this Saturday-morning show back when he was a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. 

I blame myself for not knowing about this epic piece of TV history. 

Then again, I hate The New Class. It may have been the cast of characters trying to live up to the grace and grandeur that was Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa. 

I like to think it was Screech's performance that ultimately killed it for me. I also blame the generation after me that allowed such a farce to run from 1993 all the way to the year 2000. 

As for Jim Harbaugh, I have no clue as to why he was ever on this show. While I can dive right into the specifics of any episode from the classic SBTB, I ignored The New Class like the Los Angeles Lakers ignore a wide-open Metta World Peace. 

This may not be the greatest thing to ever happen to the world, but it's in the discussion.