Alistair Overeem on a K-1 Fighters Killing Spree

Fortun KimuraContributor IMarch 22, 2009

He submitted Mark Hunt, the fastest fat man in the world. He destroyed Mirko Crocop one of the most celebrated strikers in MMA. He knocked out Bad Hari, the badboy of K-1 (kickboxing). He signlehandedly destroyed a Subway sandwich (ok, so I was hungry when I wrote this).

Now he seems set to invade K-1 with his upcoming duel against Remy Bonjasky (Yes, the guy that got illegally stomped in a kickboxing match against Badr Hari), imagine what Alistair Overeem will do to him.

But it's not that simple. We do have to take into account the fans who believe Remy Bonjasky is a much more skilled kickboxer than the late Badr Hari (late as in he got killed by Overeem). Not to mention Badr is a very careless fighter, even against Remy he was getting pummeled due to his careless streetfighting style.

Badr did not believe an MMA fighter could beat him at his own game, but he was overpowered, outskilled, and knocked out by Overeem, a fighter in MMA circles always regarded as a skilled striker, that is until he gassed.

The question remains, will Remy Bonjasky face the same fate? Of course, he's doomed! It's "OverKill Overeem!" Some will lead you to believe in pure striking size doesnt matter, but when you're as skilled and as fast as Overeem, it takes a little less work to destroy your opponent. All things being equal the bigger, stronger man will win.

I am leaving out the slight possibility that Overeem will gas, Remy will Machida him (yes I said it its a word now) and the whole thing will end with Alistair Overeem cowering in the corner trying to figure out how a skinny dude like Remy defeated him. But what are the chances of that happening, right?

We will find out at the K-1 World GP 2009 in Yokohama, Japan on March 28.