Cleveland Browns Red Zone Devolves into Grown-Men Giggle Fest

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 4, 2012

Photo Credit: Browns Red Zone
Photo Credit: Browns Red Zone

One question stuck with the hosts of the Cleveland Browns Red Zone long enough to turn the football show into a raucous giggle fest. 

These are grown men, people. 

BuzzFeed spotted this phenomenal moment from the show covering all things Browns. At some point, they are asked a horrible question which sticks with them long after they ditch the caller who asked it. 

Here is the video that has a NSFW word at the start when a caller tries to be funny and asks which of the hosts are the, um, biggest. 

Yes, you heard correctly. The caller is really interested in Jim Donovan in a way most wouldn't be. 

That's when Donovan apologizes and says adios to the tawdry question that all three seem to treat with disdain. 

For some reason, the next caller sets off a rousing riot of giggles among Donovan, Tony Grossi and Doug Dieken. 

It's hilarious. 

Perhaps it's the next caller who sounds absurd with his uber-Browns fanaticism and his questions on defense despite him being tickled pink of the win. Maybe it's just the time needed for things to sink in with the trio. 

Whatever the case, a show that even Browns fans would nap through suddenly becomes engaging, sort of like Jimmy Fallon laughing during a lame SNL skit. 

The men can't control themselves, leading to the conclusion that grown men giggling uncontrollably makes for good TV. 

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