Tim Tebow: New York Jets QB Must Realize He Can't Be an NFL Starter

David Webber@@davidpwebber21Analyst IDecember 4, 2012

His intentions are admirable, but it's time that Tim Tebow accepted the fact that he can't play quarterback in the NFL.
His intentions are admirable, but it's time that Tim Tebow accepted the fact that he can't play quarterback in the NFL.Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The argument against the New York Jets' Tim Tebow gained more steam than ever this weekend.

When Greg McElroy entered the game for Mark Sanchez on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, Jets fans everywhere rejoiced upon realizing that Sanchez's mediocrity was finally at an end. McElroy promptly led the Jets on a touchdown drive and helped Gang Green eke out an ugly 7-6 win over the similarly inept Arizona Cardinals.

At its core, the issue is not so much about McElroy's success in limited action, or even that Sanchez was benched. Of more concern is the timing of the decision, and the ramifications it could have on Tim Tebow's career.

Sanchez was playing a terrible game, no doubt about it. If not for the even more pitiful showing by his counterpart Ryan Lindley, the Jets would likely have been too far behind to even fathom a comeback. His performance validated Rex Ryan's decision to bench him.

But he has played terribly in other games this year as well. He arguably played even worse in a critical game against the 49ers earlier in the season (a 34-0 beat-down courtesy of San Francisco) and hadn't inspired even the slightest bit of confidence in the fan base that he would improve at all.

So why did the Jets bench Sanchez during the one week when Tebow was unavailable due to injury?

The Jets will undoubtedly deny any kind of conspiracy, but from the outside looking in, it seems as though they've tried to find every excuse possible not to play Tebow.

In the end, that may ultimately be the death knell for his prospective career.

Tebow has worked much of his career to disparage the assumption that he can't be an NFL quarterback. But the Jets' actions of the past weekend will undoubtedly cast more shadows over his abilities.

For eleven-and-a-half games, the Jets refused to let him sniff the ball under center and in the one game he wasn't available, they finally made a change. This not only signals to the league that Tim Tebow can't play quarterback, it should also alert Tebow himself to the fact that maybe he's just not cut out for the job.

His delivery is too slow and his mechanics overall are a mess. He's worked on them tirelessly but old habits die hard and Tebow simply hasn't shaken them.

NFL scouts have said for years that he'd be better suited to play tight end or fullback, but he has shot down every suggestion and is intent on making it as one of the 32 best signal callers on the planet.

Until he sees that this simply will not happen, his career will be nothing but a mess of unending questions about his future.

Intangibles and leadership skills can only take you so far in the NFL. Tebow may have more of those than any player in the league, but his skills as a player are lacking in so many ways that it's impossible to say a good word about them.

Tebow won't change positions, but it would probably behoove him to—otherwise, he'll spend the next several years as nothing more than a media magnet with no hope of making an impact on an NFL field ever again.