WWE's Daniel Bryan and Kane on the Same Page Is So Boring

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 10, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Daniel Bryan and Kane appear to have joined forces permanently in the tag team division.  Their sudden bromance, however, could ruin the entertainment value of their two-man show.  

Bryan and Kane were attacked by the Shield and CM Punk on RAW.  At RAW's conclusion, the two teamed up to assist Ryback in fending off the upstart stable. 

The odd couple will now team up with Ryback to face the Shield in the main event of TLC.  The appeal of Bryan and Kane was the unique dynamic of their tag team. 

The two were paired not out of choice but as a social experiment to control their anger.  Bryan and Kane had previously been embroiled in a feud.  After Bryan defeated Kane at SummerSlam, then-general manager AJ Lee signed the two up for an anger management course. 

A televised anger management seminar hosted by Dr. Shelby was held on the August 27 episode of RAW.  Bryan and Kane were subject to a hug it out segment the following week.  The segment was voted on by fans in a fan poll.    

Entertaining vignettes followed, such as a riotous parody of When Harry Met Sally.  The WWE was on to something with a tag team that would later be deemed Team Hell No through a Twitter poll.

Team Hell No's hate-hate relationship provided for intriguing matches.  Breakdowns in communication often led to inadvertent wins by Team Hell No. 

A perfect example came on the September 10 episode of RAW where Kane choke slammed Bryan onto Darren Young, leading to a pinfall victory.  Team Hell No would become No. 1 contenders for the tag team titles following the awkward victory. 

The contentious relationship Team Hell No shared made them stand out as premier midcard comedy.  A natural bond against a common enemy has led to a more traditional alliance.  Unfortunately, this will curtail the comedic aspect of Team Hell No while branding them as just another tag team.