David Beckham Transfer Rumours: Updated Odds on Teams Most Likely to Land Becks

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentDecember 4, 2012

David Beckham Transfer Rumours: Updated Odds on Teams Most Likely to Land Becks

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    Here are the updated odds on teams most likely to land David Beckham.

    Prior to the MLS Cup final, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan footballer announced that he would be leaving the Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Beckham ended his L.A. Galaxy playing career on a winning note as his side defeated the Houston Dynamo 3-1. 


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    Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop remains hopeful that David Beckham will make a move to the A-League (via Sky News):

    At this stage, dialogue is still happening between some of our clubs and his camp, but the important thing about this is that a player of his status is even considering being part of our competition. I think it's a great time and position that the A-League's in. If it comes to pass, great. But we're not counting our chickens in relation to a contract yet.

    The idea is to offer Beckham a lucrative 10-game guest stint


    Melbourne Heart | 5/1

    Dominic Bossi at the Sydney Morning Herald revealed: 

    Fairfax Media understands Melbourne Heart became the first club to enter preliminary negotiations with Beckham's US management team after holding a teleconference on Monday night.

    Beckham has lived the Milan, Madrid and L.A. lifestyle. Melbourne offers a more Beckham-esque vibe than Perth or Gosford.

    Beckham will be Heart's defibrillator when it comes to putting bums on seats, since the club have one of the worst attendances in the league. 



    Perth Glory | Odds: 15/1

    Perth is a beautiful place but it's also a quiet city, therefore being an ideal location to retire or keep a low profile. 

    Except, Victoria still has a career, so living in Perth for an extended period seems out of the question. 

    Another small problem is that two of Glory's best players, Liam Miller and Jacob Burns, operate centrally, meaning one of the two has to make way for Beckham. 

    Becks could be shifted out wide but Glory are already one of the slowest teams in the league. A speedster like Chris Harold seems a more logical option to start as a winger. 

    Here's a cheeky picture from Glory's facebook account. 

    Though, the publicity Beckham would bring to Glory is not only a great PR move for the club and the state, but ultimately the A-League. 



    Central Coast Mariners | Odds: 20/1

    Mayor of Gosford City Lawrie McKinna, who is also the CCM general manager, confirmed the council would support the club's attempts to woo David Beckham. 


    Gosford City Council tonight fully supported CCM in their bid for David Beckham by saying they will contribute money for the Beckham bid

    — Lawrie McKinna (@LawrieMcKinna) November 27, 2012


    What's going to happen with Michael McGlinchey and Tom Rogić? McGlinchey is one of the best passers in the competition and has already created three goals. Rogić is the first Australian to represent the national football and futsal team. He's one of the most gifted players you'll ever see and he needs to play week-in, week-out.

    When writing on the website roundeight.com, McKinna made an astute observation about Beckham choosing Australia:

    If he is looking at playing in Asia, the timing to come to the A-League is no good. So it then comes down to which one he wants to choose. If he is going to play in Europe after the January transfer window closes, he would need to do pre-season training from July so a 10 game guest appearance in Australia fits in well, if that was his choice.

Queens Park Rangers

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    QPR | Odds: 100/1

    It's going to take a lot more than wheeling and dealing to get David Beckham to join the shipwreck that is Queens Park Rangers. 

    To quote Bleacher Report's Lead Writer Dan Levy: "God bless you, QPR. You are the worst conglomeration of good talent ever constructed."   

    Harry Redknapp is in Beckham's good books (via guardian.co.uk): "I've spent a couple of months with Harry when I was training at Tottenham. He doesn't have to say the things that he says so it's nice that he talks about me in such a nice way."

    Is Beckham good enough to start for QPR? He won't be given a deep-lying midfield role. On the right, Jamie Mackie has scored a few goals. 

    Becks certainly won't beat out Esteban Granero for a starting role. 

    So, the former Manchester United will probably be a super-sub. Why be a super-sub on a club headed for relegation? 


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    Monaco | 10/1

    Monaco chief executive Tor-Kristian Karlsen told BBC Sport: "If there's a chance to get a player of Beckham's stature, we'd be foolish not to explore it. It's a privilege to be linked with world-renowned players like Beckham."

    The lifestyle, getting the chance to rub shoulders with Prince Albert and the scenery all are positives for David Beckham. 

    Monaco are currently coached by former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri and lead Ligue 2.

Paris Saint-Germain

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    PSG | Odds: 5/1

    Zlatan Ibrahimović wants David Beckham to join the Parisian club. 

    Living in Paris would certainly please Victoria considering she is a fashion icon. 

    It also gives Beckham a legitimate chance to win silverware, and he has stated that he misses UEFA Champions League football (from news.com.au via Reuters):

    I always loved it when I went back to AC Milan being back in the Champions League. I still miss playing in it, they are the games you love playing in. Of course I'd want to play in it again. We'll see where I go next. If it's a team that's in the Champions League then it will be nice to be back.

    Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain get more publicity. They've been irrelevant for years and now it's their time to shine. 

    Carlo Ancelotti worked with Beckham at AC Milan and the Englishman is a consummate pro to accept that his role as a player will be limited to sub appearances. 



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