Of Unity and Respect.: An Open Letter Addressed to the PACLAND Forum

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IMarch 22, 2009

Last week I published my 56th article here at Bleacher Report entitled,

Manny Pacquiao, a National Hero? The Other Side of the Spectrum

The article talks about the dark side of the Manny Pacquiao mania in the Philippines. It received so much attention and controversy by virtue of some members of the unofficial  Pacquiao website, mannypacquiao.ph, or simply PACLAND, registering here at B/R just to comment on the article.

The issue is very opinionated. Evidence of it includes the good points and discussions that were posted in the comment thread.

I received so much "hate comment" (for lack of word thereof) and I had been literally "attacked." My writing was attacked, a user said that it was very amateur (well, that's his opinion nevertheless I'm an amateur writer). My picture was attacked and my whole being was attacked, I guess?

I had been labeled as an idiot, gay, drug addict, jealous, retarded, envious, and a lot more not-so-kind nouns and adjectives.

I also had been called as a "National Crab," well at least crab is my favorite food.

I know that my fellow Filipinos meant no harm and they were just retaliated by the article which they say offended them in a way.

In my part, I was called filthy names but I was never offended in any way. The words just enter my right ear and exits my left ear.

On PACLAND's part, They said that they felt insulted, offended and humiliated by as what they say "stupid article."

To refresh your minds, I never called anybody an idiot, gay, drug addict, jealous, retarded, or envious hence the harm has been done.

First off, I will not go against my article. I am very firm with my stand and I do not regret what I said.

If I offended the PACLANDERS in any way, my sincere apologies.

I am not against anyone, not against Pacquiao, not against PACLAND.

I believe we all learned a valuable lesson here.

Bridges had been burned, egos had been hurt, but the fact is we all live in the same country, we all breathe the same air, we all ride the same Jeepneys, and we all sing the same anthem.

Come May 2 (May 3 in the Philippines), we'll all cheer for the same man...that's for sure!