Forget Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, Bring Me Greg McElroy for the J-E-T-S

Ed KrupatContributor IIIDecember 3, 2012

Mark and Tim make for a pretty expensive pair of side line watchers
Mark and Tim make for a pretty expensive pair of side line watchersElsa/Getty Images

The bet I should have made in Vegas at the beginning of the season: After 12 games, the Jets will have a quarterback controversy, and neither of the parties involved will be named Tebow.

Yes, while Tim Tebow sits meekly on the sidelines nursing multiple bruised ribs and one bruised ego, the choice of quarterbacks open to Rex Ryan is between Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy. 

I feel sorry for poor Rex, steaming on the sideline in the third quarter, his team with one large goose egg on the scoreboard, still only losing by six points to the not-so-mighty Arizona Cardinals, owners at that moment of a 4-7 record.

Mark Sanchez is 13-for-21 passing, which wouldn’t be quite so bad had not three of his throws been completed to the Cards.

I wasn’t there, but I can imagine Rex turning to his offensive coordinator and saying, “I can’t take it anymore. Let’s get Sanchez out of there and put in….uh, what’s-his-name, you know, our third-string guy.”

Third string no more is Gregory McElroy, Jr., the second-most prolific TD passer in all of Texas high school history and the leader of the undefeated Alabama Crimson, BCS champions of 2009. 

That’s Gregory McElroy, Jr. whose heroic college exploits warranted his lofty selection as a seventh-round draft pick, not far behind the position that Tom Brady had been chosen 11 years earlier. 

That’s Gregory McElroy, Jr. whose Sunday stat line of 5-of-7 for a whopping 29 yards and the game-winning TD brought home the victory, 7-6, in this epic battle that was or was not, depending how you use the word, an offensive display.

So what do the once-feared Jets do now? Who will be putting his cold hands under center next weekend against the mighty 2-10 Jacksonville Jaguars?

Rex, I leave that decision to you, because the last person I’d want making that decision—or any decision whatsoever—is the genius who decided, first, to give up the farm and trade up to take Mark Sanchez as the hope for the future and, second, to have him backed up by Tim Tebow.

There’s an old coach’s expression: If you think you have two quarterbacks you really have none.

Given the current Jets situation I’d like to amend that to the following: If you think you have three quarterbacks, you have…ayy, my math’s not that good.

Tell me, am I allowed to have negative numbers??