Tim Tebow Should Demand Trade from New York Jets in Offseason

Brett David RobertsCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

There are fans that want to see this guy throw.
There are fans that want to see this guy throw.Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has done very little for the New York Jets, and they've done even less for him. Using the former Heisman trophy winner as a punt blocker has to have been one of the more degrading things to ever happen to Tebow in his life, never mind his football career.

There's really nothing the Jets could do to insult Tebow anymore, and really, now it just comes down to whether or not Tebow will demand a trade in the offseason.

One would certainly think he would. After making his famous late-game heroics in Denver, many thought Tebow would go on to have a good pro career. Instead, the result has been that he has toiled away on special teams units, not even getting the chance to do what he presumably does best: Throw a football.

For all fans have said of Tebow as a person and as a player, he could at least make an impact on a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they would sell plenty of tickets because Tebow is from Jax.

The media circus of New York could be averted, as it has become evident the Jets never planned to give Tebow the limelight of the Big Apple to begin with.

It's just a bitter pill to swallow for Tebow, as he certainly had dreams of a starting quarterback job after his standout performances as a Bronco. It just never happened, but the reality of it is that it likely never will in a Jets uniform.

Tebow needs a change of scenery and the Jets need to realize that. It's not doing him any good, nor the Jets, to use him to block for punters and kickers in the special teams units. It's not an honor, it's a disgrace, and Tebow, for all he is and isn't, is a better player than someone who jumps on the field to prevent kickers from being tackled.