Most Athletic Wrestlers in Today's WWE

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2012

Sure, pro-wrestling isn't considered a straight up “sport” anymore. The major sports networks don't cover it like they would MMA or boxing. The general public is aware of the predetermined elements in what WWE likes to refer to as "sports entertainment."

However, despite the show soap opera element, to say there is no athleticism involved would be an uneducated statement.

Talents in WWE are aiming to put on an exciting show based around conflicts, protecting themselves while making it look as physically damaging as possible. They do this more than 300 nights a year with other impressive physical talents.

I will always stand by my belief that pro-wrestlers (some of them) are among the best athletes in the world.

Big Nasty and I are back, debating our list of the all-time best athletes inside the squared circle.


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