The 20 Biggest Flops in TNA

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The 20 Biggest Flops in TNA
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TNA has been in business for over 10 years, and during that time, it's often relied on former big WWE or WCW names to build the company around.

It's also developed a nice collection of homegrown talent to help round out its roster. But it seems that no matter what the company has done, or who it brings in, it's been unable to grow in the ratings.

With so many big contracts being handed out, you would hope that it would have some return on its investment.

That's not often been the case.

Perhaps due to bad booking, or half-hearted attempts by certain wrestlers, not everyone has panned out. Guys like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Christian Cage have all enjoyed success in TNA, but many more failed to gain any traction.

Here is a list of the men and women who were brought in with high hopes of success but ended up flopping.

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