Why Having Ryback as King of Hardcore Would Stop Goldberg Comparisons

Scott CarasikContributor IIDecember 7, 2012

Courtesy Ricgsidenews.com
Courtesy Ricgsidenews.com

Ryback is a typical WWE monster but is continually compared to Goldberg. Make him someone who makes his living on hardcore-style matches—a "King of Hardcore"—and it would only make him an even bigger monster, stop the Goldberg chants and eventually help increase ratings.

Despite the WWE trying to separate itself from the old WCW model, they are looking more and more like it with the Shield, an NWO clone, and with Ryback, a Goldberg clone mixed with Rob Van Dam. 

To build up a monster in that Goldberg model without creating the comparisons, they need to let him have a gimmick match of sorts. It's how the Undertaker got built up with the Buried Alive and Casket matches. It's how Kane got built up with an Inferno match. 

Even Mick Foley, the Dudleys, the Hardys and CM Punk used the hardcore-style matches to earn their way to the top. So giving Ryback his own signature-style match to work his way up is never a bad idea.

Even giving him his own signature weapon to use in matches à la Triple H's sledgehammer or Tommy Dreamer's Kendo stick should be explored. Figuring out exactly what the weapon should be would be left to the wrestler himself though.

However, there are three main positives to creating him as a monstrous king of hardcore: separation from historic powerhouses, a new dynamic to challenge people in and elimination of the Goldberg chants.


It would set him apart from the Triple H- and Batista-style powerhouses

Ryback has been getting Goldberg chants. However, he tends to be more reminiscent of other powerhouses like Batista and Triple H. The fearless nature and the overall dominating power is something that both of those men exhibited.

However, as long as Triple H was in the WWE, he wasn't the type to continually be in hardcore matches. In fact, most of his matches in 2002 or later were standard-style matches where he would just bury his competition.

How crazy would he have come off if every month he was defending his title in a different kind of hardcore match? That's the idea for what they should do with Ryback—really make him stand out and have him compete every month in a new crazy match.


It would create a new dynamic for him to challenge people in

The NFL and NBA have home-field advantage. So why can't a guy like Ryback get his own home-field advantage of sorts? 

While I want to say give him something along the lines of a leather strap match because he is billed from Sin City, there is no real stipulation that fits his current gimmick. This would create an opportunity to create a style of match for Ryback.

Or it could even set up a hardcore roulette wheel before his matches every week and whatever is selected is the match he would compete in. But it would allow him to have his own dynamic. It'd allow him to develop into a more well-rounded character. 

And it would even help him get over with the crowd better. Because honestly, who doesn't like an insane wrestler who will take anyone on in any structure or stipulation?


Most of All, No More Goldberg Chants

Goldberg wasn't a king of hardcore. Goldberg was a monster, plain and simple. Building up Ryback to be something different than what people have seen—a monster who loves to brutalize people—would only play more into the character he has built. 

As John Cena once said on Monday Night Raw, "Ryback is not an individual who will come out here and talk about an unreachable brass ring. Ryback is not a man who will complain about some political conspiracy theory....Ryback stands for one thing—that is destruction."

With his insanity on top of the Hell in a Cell where he shell-shocked CM Punk and the destruction on Raw that injured Punk using tables, ladders and chairs, he is well on his way to being that destructive force.

Well, what says destruction more than a guy who will continually compete in matches that destroy both him and his opponents? People would stop chanting, "Goldberg" at Ryback. They'd just say three words:

Feed. Me. More.


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