NOC's Every NFL Fan's Girlfriend Has Thoughts on Every Last Football Team

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 3, 2012

Now we have some closure as to what every NFL fan's girlfriend is thinking as we head into the final few weeks of the regular season. 

The people at NOC, who brought you classics like Every Fan of the NFL, Every Fan of Major League Baseball and Every Fan of College Football, are here to bring you what weighs heavily on females' minds this season. 

Now we know exactly what's going on in the hearts of the lovely ladies who adore the sport of football. 

What's more, the "girlfriend" in this particular video does a great job delving into some of the more exotic accents from various NFL locales. 

Something tells me we will see a great deal more of her regarding other sports, or at least we hope we do. 

If we have favorites, they have to be the lack of vegan options at Candlestick Park, a Green Bay woman dreaming of the big-city life of Scranton or Utica and the Buccaneers fan who is perfectly fine with you wearing a Mike Alstott jersey. 

The season is drawing to a close, bringing another colorful chapter in the life of an NFL fan to a bittersweet end. 

Sure we may not agree with Broncos fans who apparently think Peyton Manning is the hottest man alive. Perhaps Chiefs fans are unclear as to whether they have a professional team. 

It's all fun and games no matter who is watching. 

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