Debate: When Will the NHL Lockout End?

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Debate: When Will the NHL Lockout End?
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More meetings have been set between the owners and players but there is still no sign of the lockout ending any time soon. When will the lockout officially end?


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When the Owners realize that 100% of ZERO is ZERO, and When the Players realize that 57% of ZERO is ZERO. If they lose the whole season and sign a ...
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I say next year. If so, then I say, "Who cares?" What a great sport. What great talent, in a lot of cases. What greed. I paid $54 per ticket for the c...
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: They wouldn't have all this revenue to fight over if there were no fans; no fans means no ticket sales, no ...
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Well no progress has been made for about a month at least. At this rate it doesn't seem there will be a season. As much as I want to turn my back on ...
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