The Most Overreactive Fan Tweets, Message Board Posts from NFL Week 13

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IDecember 3, 2012

NFL fans—what an insightful bunch. 

You thought you dealt with a fair share of, let's say, uninformed yet overly opinionated people on your timeline? 

Here are the most overreactive fan tweets from a rather compelling Week 13.

The first gem comes courtesy of Matthew De Leon who had something to say regarding Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson.  

Ppl are always comparing RG3 and Luck but I'm over here sayin Russell Wilson over both of them!!

— Matthew De Leon (@DeLeon_Matt) December 3, 2012

Now, Matt probably isn't the only person on Twitter who thinks that—there's probably thousands of fans in Seattle who feel the same—but even after an impressive win over the Bears in Chicago, can we really say Wilson has actually been more impressive than Luck and RG3?

Sure, Wilson has wins over the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and the Bears and hasn't thrown an interception since before Halloween, however, to say he's been better than Luck and Griffin III is a bit much at this juncture. 

Then again, this wasn't nearly the most over-reactive tweet I discovered.

Brody Loughlin, lover of Sarah and baseball, chimed in and reminded us of what, in this case, is a meaningless statistic.  

before we say Andrew Luck is already a proven NFL starter, lets remember his qb rating is lower than Blaine Gabbert...

— Brody Loughlin (@Bloughlin7) December 3, 2012

Actually, Brody is correct—Gabbert's QB rating is 77.4 while Luck's is 76.1.

However, this example clearly demonstrates that QB rating is rarely the end-all, be-all of any argument pertaining to signal-callers. Gabbert hasn't played in two full games. If anyone has watched Luck this season, they'd instantly realize he's lightyears ahead of Gabbert in terms of development as a professional. 

Darion J, with the handle @AntiAnkleSocks, made quite the succinct and bold prediction about a huge upcoming AFC showdown.

who ever wins the Patriots/Texans game next week, wins the Superbowl.

— Darion J (@AntiAnkleSocks) December 3, 2012

Now, I'm certainly not a master prognosticator, and with the way the NFL has played out this season, predicting games likely has been difficult for everyone. 

The Texans and Patriots are among the AFC's elite, but the Super Bowl is played in February, not Week 14.

Really, I just love the tone of Darion's tweet.

No nonsense. 

Moving on, who's one of the most polarizing NFL players not named Tim Tebow

Cam Newton. 

Don't believe me?

Check these opposing tweets after Newton's Carolina Panthers lost to the previously one-win Kansas City Chiefs.

Cam Newton is the best QB ever !

— NydirDaSeanCarr (@NydirDaSean) December 3, 2012

Ever? Eh, for now, I'll say Newton isn't the best quarterback ever. Close, though. 

Cam newton lost to the chiefs lmao #scrub

— BoOM! (@EccentricTheKiD) December 2, 2012

Another accurate tweet. Newton did, in fact, lose to the Chiefs. The "scrub" hashtag gets me. Check the stat book, Newton has done quite an admirable job in his first two NFL seasons. Does he have room to improve? Undoubtedly. Is he a scrub? Nope. 

The next tweet came via Mr. Wesside, someone who's keeping it real about the 49ers and the quarterback controversy. 


— Mr. Wesside (@koolkalikev) December 3, 2012

Doesn't get any better than a tweet in all caps. 

Now, this next one really made me laugh out loud. Something tells me the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets would disagree, Mr. Harvey.

Joe flacco you are the worst starting QB in the NFL... No doubt in my mind

— Daniel Harvey (@DJ_Harvey_Jr) December 3, 2012

Ravens fans can rightfully be upset about their team's home loss to Charlie Batch and the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Flacco isn't the worst starting quarterback in football.


Speaking of shaky quarterback play, the Eagles lost yet another game on Sunday night to the Dallas Cowboys, and on Monday, Andy Reid named Nick Foles the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season (h/t

Justin Pillichody didn't like that decision.

Andy Reid just just made one of the worst decisions of his career. If someone bench's Vick they have to be crazy! He's a star #Vickadelphia

— Justin Pillichody (@J_Pill124) December 3, 2012

Unquestionably, Vick was a star in Madden during the mid-2000s. Now? I'm not so sure. Anyway, Foles was pretty good against the 'Boys. He completed 22-of-34 passes for 251 yards with a touchdown behind a horrible offensive line.

Love the hashtag, too. 

Last, but most certainly not least, this treasure from someone who seems to be a Steelers fan via an ESPN message board:

buccos5102 - The Ravens are probably the worst 9-3 team and the Steelers the best 7-5 team, and I think Big Ben should remain in the MVP race by virtue of how terrible their team looked without him.

Wait a minute. 

The Steelers went into Baltimore and won with Charlie Batch as their quarterback, and Pittsburgh "looked terrible"?

If anything, they were the opposite of terrible. 

Stay awesome, Twitter. 


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