20 People in Sports Who Just Don't Give a F***

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20 People in Sports Who Just Don't Give a F***
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There are some people in sports who spend their entire career carefully crafting a public persona that they try to present to the public at all times. Many of them have a natural way with the media, an innate ability to give satisfactory answers to questions without ever saying anything controversial. Sometimes without saying anything at all.

They dress well, but not too well. They smile when the occasion calls for it, but are careful not to gloat. They know exactly how much contriteness to show after a loss, without looking "defeated."

You won't find them at the club, you won't see them in a celebrity sex tape and, if all goes well, they will go months at a time without ever being mentioned on Deadspin. You know the types I'm referring to: Eli Manning, Joe Mauer, Coach K. People who cannot and will not be baited. 

Then there is the polar opposite. There are plenty of people in sports who have absolutely no interest in playing the good guy (or girl). Some take pleasure in riling up the media and attracting attention to themselves.

Some enjoy stoking the fires of a heated fanbase rivalry. And some are just so damn old, they don't give a f*** anymore.

For whatever reason, they take some kind of pleasure in wreaking havoc.

Here are 20 people in sports who just don't give a f***. 

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