Should Impact Wrestling Challenge WWE Again on Monday Night?

Jeff D GormanSenior Writer IDecember 3, 2012

Impact Wrestling should focus on the X Division on a new Monday-night show (
Impact Wrestling should focus on the X Division on a new Monday-night show (

Impact Wrestling should re-enter the Monday Night Wars with a new one-hour show at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

I talked about this idea on the Voices of Wrestling podcast as I laid out my plan to become the first announcer to take the TNA Gut Check challenge.

Back in the spring of 2010, Impact Wrestling aired on Monday nights briefly before returning to its usual home on Thursday nights. The ratings weren’t much different than they are now.

Most fans consider Monday night to be “wrestling night” dating back to the original Monday Night Wars between the WWF and WCW. Today, Impact Wrestling fans are used to seeing their favorites on Thursday nights.

So give the fans both.

The new Monday Night Impact (and there’s the name) should concentrate on two things: giving the fans what WWE is not giving them, and building up Thursday night’s show, which should still be the company’s main program.

That means the Knockouts and the X Division have to be big parts of the new Monday night show. Bring in as much talent as you can from the indies, as well as favorites from the company’s past (Hint: Awesome Kong’s phone should be ringing).

WWE has paid a little more attention to tag teams with the successful duo of Daniel Bryan and Kane, but once they break up, WWE could neglect the tag team scene again.

So the new Monday Night Impact needs to feature the tag team division prominently, since it’s been a staple of the company since the heyday of America’s Most Wanted.

After the X, Knockouts and tag team matches, give us a main event that builds interest for Thursday night. Now you have two successful TV shows that can help you make money on pay-per-view.

Of course, you’ll need a new announcer for the Monday night show. Sounds like a good time to #makeroom4Gorman.


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