2008 NCAA Tournmaent Second Round Action: It's Better Than Yesterday

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 23, 2008

OK, obviously UNC is loaded and Memphis' free throw percentage....blah, blah, blah.

We learned that

1) Davidson had a nice home court advantage for a 10 seed.  So did South Alabama.  The difference is that the Wildcats play smart and Stephen Curry is the reincarnation of....Austin Carr.  Sorry, Dell.  Also, Andrew Lovedale may be the most underrated front line player still dancing. 

2) Western Kentucky will give UCLA everything they can handle.  I still sing Kevin Love's praises but the Toppers are deep, run well and get in your face defensively.  What may come as a complete shock to Billy Packer won't be that surprising to me.

3) Texas has to remain focused throughout.  They nearly had the biggest collapse of all time (next to Duke in '98 vs. Kentucky) in the dance to a Miami team which depends on Jack McLinton to shoot them in or out.

4) Chris Lofton, where art thou?  OK, I appreciate your ability to hit timely baskets but so far you are averaging seven points a game for the tournament.  Now, Louisville's up.  Something tells me the SEC is going home Thursday.

5) One day Dr. Andrew Streicher can tell his patients how he was the defensive stopper on a solid Butler team that would have won with a little more from Matt Howard.  Considering the notion of the student-athlete never should have been enacted in the first place it's refreshing to see a player get national attention and actually GO pro in something else.

6) Finally, to my esteemed BR colleague Mr. Berg.  I am amazed Packer has gotten away with as much crap as he has over the years.  Yes he was a product of a South that was in bed with segregation but it's been over forty years and a lot has changed.  Obviously Billy didn't get the memo and for that matter neither have the CBS producers.  And wasn't Rush Limbaugh canned after one episode of that junk?