WWE Rumor Mill (March 22)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 22, 2009

Hi, people.

Welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill.
Let's get started, shall we?

WrestleMania XXV

Well, slowly but surely, they are adding up the numbers for the 25-Diva Battle Royale.

Molly Holly has confirmed, and Victoria has been approached, no confirmation as yet. That makes 23 with Trish and Torrie.


Rumor has it that Kane had gotten into a bar fight with UFC star Tim Sylvia this past week in Detroit. However, neither man was in Detroit at the time of the alleged incident. To confirm, a WWE spokesman dismissed the story, telling The Sun: "This is a total fabrication."

Kane added his on statement on the rumor "I was sitting at home at the time and someone told me—that was the first I'd heard about it," Kane said. "I hear I handled it pretty well though. I'm happy with myself! I'm pretty sure Tim won't hold a grudge."

Kane went on to say that he and Undertaker have taken part in MMA training in the past. "Wrestlers are a little tougher than we're generally given credit for and I think we'd represent ourselves well."

Chris Jericho
In  a recent interview with the New York Daily News Jericho said he "will get out of the ring, walk over to Mickey, and slap him in the face" at this year's Wrestlemania. "I'm going to buy Mickey a ringside seat. Hell, I'll even buy one for his dog!

"This is a promise. Those seats are $2,500 each, and Mickey Rourke is invited to bring as many dogs, cats, and gerbils as he wants."

Full article here

Oh hell yeah, it's on. you go Chris, wipe that Hollywood smirk of his face.

Released Superstars

Scotty Goldman, now known once again as Colt Cabana, will make his Ring of Honor return tonight at the promotion's seventh anniversary show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

He will not be able to appear on television for ROH until his non-compete agreement expires with WWE.

For the record, that's about 90 days from the day they are released. It's Vince's way of still being able to control them.

Diva front

March Maddness Diva Style

The WWE website has posted a slew of photos of the "Sexiest Women on Television" donning the following NCAA basketball jerseys: Alicia Fox - Texas, Beth Phoenix - Syracuse, Brie Bella - Duke, Eve - Wake Forest, Jillian - Louisville, Katie Lea - Purdue, Layla - Marquette, Lilian Garcia - Connecticut, Maria - Illinois, Melina - Gonzaga, Michelle McCool - Florida State, Mickie James - Missouri, Natalya - Oklahoma, Nikki Bella - Arizona State, Rosa Mendes - North Carolina, Tiffany - Louisiana State University.

You can see the images at WWE.com. Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly, and Maryse did not take part in the shoot.

Link here

Personally I don't find them all that sexy, but that's just my opinion, I am sure you all will disagree with.

Behind the scenes

WWE has raised the price of WrestleMania by $5 this year. The base price is now $54.95.

Well done, Vince, as it is the numbers are down; lower the price, idiot, lower it.

Jim Ross speaks out about drug use in the WWE in his updated blog.

Here are some highlights:

On Discussing Drug Abuse in Wrestling: "On a side note regarding the last blog that I wrote about drug abuse and additional thoughts on the late Andrew Martin, I feel that all wrestling organizations should begin instilling in their prospects early in the training process the dangers of drug abuse and that it has no place anywhere, especially in the wrestling business.

"On-going education regarding drug abuse should be covered as in depth as learning to withstand a body slam.

"I know that I am old school and damn proud of it for the record, but I also think that wrestling students should be challenged with written tests as well as the established physical tests that they endure, and that drug education should be an important part of their curriculum.

"To be fair, some training entities may already be doing some of these things but education at an early age is key to this problem that I feel (I hope) has peaked and will become less of an issue as time goes by, but this issue will never be completely eradicated because humans are, well, human."

You can view the blog here

WWE has scrapped plans to release an autobiography on WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik. The book was set to be written by Keith Elliot Greenberg, who worked on the Fred Blassie and Superstar Graham autobiographies.

Don't ask me why, Vince just like God, works in mysterious ways, disturbingly mysterious ways.

I will leave the recap up to Peter, who does such wonderful job, I just don't have the stomach for recapping the triangle thing with Vicki (Shudder).

Well that's about it for now, stay tuned for more gossip, rumors, and news.


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