Twitter Reacts to Another Eagles Loss, Andy Reid's Hot Seat

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIMarch 25, 2017

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 02:  Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles prepares to take on the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on December 2, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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The Philadelphia Eagles' season of misery continued on Sunday night as they lost to the Dallas Cowboys 38-33 to fall to 3-9 for the season.

The loss will only make Andy Reid's hot seat even hotter (I'm still amazed as to how that could be possible), and makes Eagles fans yearn for the end of the season.

Of course everyone has an opinion on the Eagles and Andy Reid's hot seat, as you can see when you just sign on to Twitter. On here you will find plenty of reaction to the Eagles' latest failures.

Of course not everything in this game was bad, as noted by Bleacher Report's Matt Miller during the contest:


It's like Andy Reid just discovered two weeks ago that running the ball helps protect your QB.

— Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) December 3, 2012


This is true, as Bryce Brown did run the ball 24 times in this game; however, his fumble recovered by Morris Claiborne and returned for a touchdown wound up being the deciding points in this contest. This did inspire some anger from Eagles fans. 



— Quis Holiday the 1st (@tribecalledquis) December 3, 2012


Yikes, that's pretty harsh. Some responses about Brown's fumble, however, were of the humorous type.


Based on Bryce Brown, apparently the answer to "What can Brown do for you?" is "fumble." #SNF

— NOT SportsCenter (@NOTSportsCenter) December 3, 2012


But games are won by the whole team, and most of the tweets attacked the Eagles themselves for their performance, especially the secondary.


Eagles stinking up Philadelphia man

— Tay Williams (@TayFarmIsThere) December 3, 2012




Attention Eagles fans, you had as many wins in November as your Philadelphia Flyers. Carry on.

— Chauny D'Light(@Natural_OneDurr) December 3, 2012




The Philadelphia Eagles are terrible they need to just go hide under a rock

— Lil Rod (@MentalWarPHare) December 3, 2012




Hey 2012 Philadelphia Eagles...YOU CAN'T WIN! (against the Cowboys)

— Mitch not Mike (@MitchInWichita) December 3, 2012




Philadelphia Eagles: Keeping other teams playoff hopes alive, one game at a time.

— adam kline (@adamklinetrio) December 3, 2012


As for Andy Reid's job, some reports state that Reid will be back in Philadelphia next year for one game when he coaches the Dallas Cowboys. That was already the source of jokes from around Twitter.


Andy Reid thinks he could coach Cowboys next year.Everyone outside the city of Dallas supports this move

— Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden) December 2, 2012


However, whether Reid goes to Dallas or not, many can't wait to see Reid go.


Random thought. Andy Reid has to go!

— December15th! (@Leesh_TheDancer) December 3, 2012



I hope andy reid gets fired

— Tyler Kulp (@TK_SODA) December 3, 2012


One Tweeter actually volunteered to take Reid's job.


Packing my bags and heading to Philadelphia to coach them damn Eagles! #Pathetic

— JWD ™ (@jdonnelly_20) December 3, 2012


Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald thinks that Reid shouldn't be fired because of the Eagles' poor performance, but because it would be for the best for both parties.


Andy Reid needs a change of scenery. Gone stale in Philly. No answers.

— Armando Salguero (@ArmandoSalguero) December 3, 2012


Finally we end with a Twitter feed that managed to not only insult the Eagles, but also bring to mind one of Philadelphia's favorite sons as well as one my favorite television shows growing up.


The Eagles are the lamest thing to happen in Philadelphia since Will Smith's mom made him move to Bel-Air

— Brian Essbe (@SortaBadass) December 3, 2012


Being one of the NFL's most popular (and at times most loathed) teams means the Eagles are easy targets when undergoing a hellish season. They certainly have stirred up the emotions on Twitter from both fans and non-fans alike, and will likely continue to be discussed for the rest of the season and offseason.



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