NFL on Fox Cameo Creates Rift Between Dana White and Fans

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIIDecember 3, 2012

Nov 16, 2012; Montreal, QC, Canada; UFC president Dana White  during the weigh in for UFC 154 at New City Gas.  Mandatory Credit: Eric Bolte-US PRESSWIRE

Dana White made a surprise cameo during a segment of the NFL on Fox pregame show, and it appears to have struck a nerve with many fans of the UFC.

The appearance occurred during Rob Riggle's (he's a comedian, in case you are like me and didn't know) three-minute feature in which he makes a few NFL picks of the week. The comedy short wasn't particularly funny, and that was before the part where Dana showed up.

The UFC president appeared as a homeless person who gave some inside information to Riggle's character. The breaking news that White had for Riggle was, "Cam Newton is pregnant." How this made it out of the production meeting as something that would be hilarious is something I don't understand.

Here's the spot in case you missed it:

A photo of Dana dressed up as the homeless man was even promoted by the official UFC Facebook page, but it was eventually removed after garnering a negative reaction.

The fallout of the negative response incited Dana to turn to Twitter and respond to a handful of the people who took offense to him "mocking" somebody down on their luck. The most common term Dana used to describe these people was, well, take a look:



I'll have to side with Dana on this one. For people to get on Dana and assume he is making fun of people who live on the streets is completely off the mark. The context of the comedy was the fact that an "NFL Insider" was getting his tips from a guy who lives in front of his bank.

What was supposed to be a good-natured joke in which we saw Dana White come out of his element turned out to be a PR nightmare for the UFC.


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