MMA Knockout: Watch One-Handed Fighter Nick Palmer Score a Violent 14-Second KO

Nick CaronAnalyst IDecember 2, 2012

Nick "The Inspiration" Palmer
Nick "The Inspiration" Palmer

Once in a great while, a story comes along that goes beyond the simple chess-match that is a mixed martial arts bout. 

In December of 2012, Nick Palmer is that story.

It's almost as if his life has been the script of an inspirational Hollywood blockbuster, but "The Inspiration" has lived up to his nickname throughout his life. Born without his right hand, Palmer has taken the road less traveled on his way to becoming a true inspiration to everyone around him.

After a multi-sport prep career, Palmer moved on to one of the most difficult sports there is when he stepped into the cage to become a fighter.

Competing in the opening bout of the Sterling Entertainment Group/Driller Promotions event in Minneapolis on Saturday night, Palmer fulfilled what might be the most impressive feat of his athletic career when he shocked hundreds of fans by he dropping Tony Francis with an unbelievable knockout. The fight lasted just 14 seconds.

Using only the one hand that he was given, "The Inspiration" caught Francis with a left hand that landed right on the money, causing his opponent's body to shut down in a brutal one-punch KO. 

The win was just Palmer's second of his amateur MMA career, one that started off 0-4. 

As his nickname would indicate, however, a losing streak could never keep this fighter down. It would only fuel the fire in him, forcing him to improve his game in every area. 

In his fight prior to his knockout victory, Palmer had submitted Jordan Thurstin as part of Full Nelson Promotions' "Rumble in the Lakes" event in August. 

Now 2-4 but on a two-fight winning streak, one of the most beloved fighters in the Midwest may also become one that opponents don't want to face. With this kind of knockout power, it's hard to believe that we won't be seeing Palmer's arm raised many times in the future.