How To Bowl: Googly

Goutham BabuCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2009

This is my second installment of the "How To Ball" series. Today, I am going to deal with how to bowl a googly, an effective bowling art used to confuse the batsmen.



A googly, otherwise known as wrong'un, is the exact opposite to a leg-break, where the ball spins from the off-side to on-side. This delivery is key to the leg-spinner because it allows him to change the deviation.



Hold the ball as if you're about to bowl a normal leg-break. The top joints of the index and middle fingers should be across the seam with the ball resting between a bent third finger and the thumb. At the point of release, the palm of your hand should be open upwards towards the sky with the back of your hand facing the batsman.

A googly is delivered by releasing the ball from the back of the hand. In a googly, the ball should spin clockwise. This is in contrast to the standard leg-break delivery which has a counterclockwise spin.

Another option is to bowl a conventional leg-break while using the fingers to apply spin. It is used infrequently, but the surprise factor makes it a vital wicket-taking delivery

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Use a tennis ball to help improve the flexibility of your wrist.

Also, see how to bowl a leg-break.

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