MLB Teams That Need Uniform or Logo Changes

Mark MillerCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

MLB Teams That Need Uniform or Logo Changes

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    For those of you keeping track, Opening Day of the 2013 MLB season is just 123 days away. 

    Putting on their uniforms for the first time in a few months, every team will start fresh with championship hopes.

    Most MLB attire has been fairly standard, with a relatively small number of teams opting to frequently change up the look and feel. 

    Some teams, however, probably should look for a change, even if there isn't necessarily anything wrong with the current look.

    Here are a few teams that could benefit from a change.

Colorado Rockies

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    It seems like the general trend for newer franchises has been making a number of changes to uniforms and logos after just a few years of existence.

    The most notable examples recently have to be the Tampa Bay Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks, who have made a number of changes in their short lives.

    The Colorado Rockies' logo and uniforms aren't bad, but could probably use some refreshing. 

Milwaukee Brewers

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    The current Milwaukee Brewers uniform and logos don't in any way rank among the bottom of those in the league. The gold and navy colors are far less obnoxious than those of many other teams.

    With that being said, the glove logo that the team utilized for 25 seasons up until 1993 is definitely one of the best logos in the throwback world and needs to be brought back.

Minnesota Twins

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    After completing their second consecutive near-100 loss season, the Minnesota Twins clearly need to try something different as they move towards 2013.

    They're going to seek out plenty of help in the starting rotation, but it's pretty clear that it will take more than that to be successful.

    With a few variations of their uniforms showing up over the past few seasons, it might be time to stop re-purposing past creations and tweak the look with a new angle.

Miami Marlins

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    It may be a bit soon to call for new uniforms in Miami, since the Marlins unveiled these "new-look" pieces less than a year ago.

    However, after ditching their new-look roster after just one season, maybe the uniforms should go along with them.

Houston Astros

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    Perhaps as much as any other team in the league, the Houston Astros were badly in need of a change in branding.

    There was no time like the present, as the team's move to the AL West presented fans and the franchise itself with an opportunity for a new start.

    They did ultimately change to a new uniform, which presents shades of their retro logo, while still giving a modern twist.