Kentucky Basketball: The 10 Best Dunks in Wildcats' History

Matt OveringContributor IIIDecember 4, 2012

Kentucky Basketball: The 10 Best Dunks in Wildcats' History

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    Kentucky basketball fans have seen their fair share of highlight-reel dunks. At such a prestigious program, freak athletes have made a name for themselves in the way they throw it down.

    Here, we'll look at ten of the most exciting slams in Kentucky basketball history.

    Not every dunk could be shown.

    You'll notice a large amount of dunks coming from the John Calipari Era. This, in part, is due to Calipari recruiting incredible athletes. It is also due the fact that dunks today are uploaded to the Internet almost instantaneously.

    We flock to watch highlight-reel dunks. They're captivating, impressive, stunning and unique. It is one of the most impressive displays of athleticism in sports.

    Watch and enjoy.


    Side note: I have a soft spot for posterizations. Be prepared.

10. DeMarcus Cousins

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    It may not be the most tenacious of dunks, but the story behind DeMarcus Cousins' slam is enough to make the list.

    Here, you'll see Cousins throw it down on one of the best shot blockers in SEC history, Jarvis Varnardo. 

    Cousins was hardly a fan favorite in Starkville. He let his play do the talking, sure, but he also had a message for the Mississippi State fans.

    "Call me."

9. Terrence Jones

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    There are so many Terrence Jones slams that could make this list. 

    Maybe this dunk against North Carolina could hold this spot. Or this dunk against South Carolina. 

    Just search "Terrence Jones dunk" and you'll see plenty of monster slams.

    He's a freak athlete, and at 6'9", has length to finish over anyone.

    Jack Cooley is not immune.

8. John Wall

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    This dunk encapsulates exactly what John Wall was in his only year at Kentucky.

    Dynamic. Explosive. Fast. Crazy. 

    The degree of difficulty for this dunk puts it on this list. Running at full speed, Wall was one of the fastest players in college basketball history in the open court. 

    And then to jump up and throw it down?


7. Jeff Sheppard

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    Jeff Sheppard had bounce.

    He received a technical for this throwdown, a rule that is absolutely preposterous considering the speed at which fast-break dunks are made.

    When athletes don't hang on the rim, well, just check out what John Wall did on the slide before.

    Regardless, this slam was epic.

6. Kelenna Azubuike

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    Kelenna Azubuike was one of the most hyper-athletic players to ever play at the University of Kentucky. 

    This dunk shows it all.


    On a side note, does anyone else miss Patrick Sparks?

5. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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    Two for the price of one here. 

    Anthony Davis receives the lob from Marquis Teague, and on the very next possession, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist sends Portland a message.

    Boy, this team was fun to watch.

4. Perry Stevenson

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    The Billy Gillispie Era had its ups and downs, and this was certainly an "up" moment.

    As "up" as Kentucky could be in the NIT, that is.

    Perry Stevenson draws the and-one in Memorial Coliseum, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

    Jimmy Dykes provides the perfect commentary.

3. Darius Miller

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    This dunk does not receive enough credit.

    Yes, Darius Miller made a poster with this move. But this dunk signified more than just an and-one and momentum.

    This embodies nearly everything that Miller brought to the 2012 national champions. 

    In this scene, Kentucky was down 31-29 in the first half. They were underperforming. The Ole Miss zone was working—it slowed the Kentucky attack and the Wildcats weren't hitting shots.

    Enter Miller in the high post.

    Miller created a spark. He was a veteran leader that could step up and score when the young team faced adversity, and that is what he did on this occasion. 

2. Derek Anderson

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    This was a nice dunk.

    Anthony Epps dishes a perfect pass to Derek Anderson who lays down the law—on Louisville, no less.

    Watch and enjoy.

1. Dirk Minniefield

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    Dirk Minniefield takes the top spot after this ludicrous throwdown against Mississippi State.

    He only scored nine points on the night, but this dunk is simply ridiculous. 

    The air time. The shorts. The retro Rupp Arena logo.

    Take it all in and enjoy one of the greatest dunks you'll ever see.