Miami Dolphins: Despite Reggie Bush's Recent Rebound, Is He Worth Re-Signing?

Connor McKnightSenior Analyst IDecember 5, 2012

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 02:  Reggie Bush #22 of the Miami Dolphins prepares to take the field during a game against the New England Patriots at Sun Life Stadium on December 2, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As the Miami Dolphins (5-7) see their playoff aspirations slowly slip away, the back of every fan's mind is filled with desperate thoughts about what the organization can do in the offseason to change this squad into one that can contend for a championship (and finally take on Tom Brady and his New England Patriots).

While Jake Long's potential re-signing will cover the headlines of media outlets across the country, Reggie Bush will see his fair share of coverage as well. But this time, it won't be for dating Kim Kardashian. Instead, the former USC Trojan will see if he can find a permanent home in South Beach or if he'll be forced to try to find a home somewhere else.

Two weeks ago, his future in Miami looked bleak. Luckily for Bush, his relative revival over the past two games, at the very least, leaves the question up in the air. Should the organization keep Bush in a Dolphins uniform or cut him loose?

Bush, undoubtedly, is a very gifted runner. His elusiveness gives him a particular big-gain ability that many backs in the NFL simply do not have. His pass-catching abilities also give him a particular edge as a reliable receiver who can really produce substantial yards after the catch.

But if Bush goes, who takes his place?

Daniel Thomas has been spotty, to say the least. Some weeks, he is absolutely unstoppable. Other times, you probably want to avoid him altogether. As more of a bruiser back, Thomas does run with tremendous power and has slowly evolved into a key point of attack in the passing game. But still, he does not seem like the best answer.

Lamar Miller seems like he just might be the running back of the future. He has drawn comparisons to Bush for his speed and elusiveness, but has not been really tested so far this season. He has drawn criticism for his abilities in the passing game as well as his blocking, but in the few carries that he has had this year, he has definitely impressed.

Will Bush be in South Beach next year? Only time will tell.