After Barry Bonds Era, the San Francisco Giants Finally Heading in New Direction

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After Barry Bonds Era, the San Francisco Giants Finally Heading in New Direction
With the passing of the Barry Bonds era, the majority of people are counting on the Giants as being a cellar-dweller for the next few years.

People say the Barry Zito signing was unreasonable, and they criticize the newest addition of Aaron Rowand to the lineup. I think the Giants are actually heading in the right direction, one that is different and one this Giants fan is welcoming.

Growing up in the early ’90s exposed me to arguably the scrappiest of Giants teams, sporting a lineup with Matt Williams, Robby Thompson, Will Clark, and the like.

When I got older, I saw that it was basically a team built around Barry Bonds, with no one else playing consistently except him.

The late-’90s teams had a little scrappiness, with Bill Mueller, Rich Aurilia, and Jeff Kent, but Kent and Bonds were reaching the height of their feud and there was a visible lack of the hustle that other teams were showing.

Now I see Brian Sabean's vision, and I see no problems with it working out in the future.

It’s going to take a couple sub-par seasons until all the right pieces fall into place, but they will, and when they do, I'll still be here watching games.

The vision he's trying to get across is one of great work ethic and a scrappiness that was not exhibited by many in the last decade. There were flashes here and there, but it really hasn't been a staple of the Giants to have scrappy players.

The decision to carry Kevin Frandsen, who reminds me of a more humble and soft-spoken Jeff Kent without the attitude, is one that I appreciate.

Rowand and Rajai Davis are two outfielders who are consistently sacrificing their bodies to make amazing plays, something that Barry really never did, nor did Joe Carter, Stan Javier, or Moises Alou.

Although overpaid, Zito is a workhorse who is always trying to improve, a true professional at what he does. Sabean is starting to find young talent like this, instead of trying to bring in people who used to be motivated but now no longer have the means.

This core that people talk about is going have a chance this year, and in the next couple years, I think Sabean, or whoever the GM is, will reverse the style, and build through the draft while complementing through free agency.

This is going to be the key for the Giants’ long-term success, and the key for fans is just to not lose faith, and to stop settling for band-aids when what we really need is surgery.

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