3 Things We Learned from Rex Ryan's Postgame Press Conference

Gary DavenportNFL AnalystDecember 2, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 02:  Head coach Rex Ryan looks on in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals on December 2, 2012 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The New York Jets defeated the Arizona Cardinals 7-6.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Jets downed the Arizona Cardinals 7-6 on Sunday in a game that redefined the term "ugly," but the story of the day wasn't so much that the Jets won as how they did it.

After completing fewer than half his passes for under 100 yards and three interceptions, New York quarterback Mark Sanchez was replaced under center by second-year pro Greg McElroy, who led the Jets down the field for the game's only touchdown.

Not surprisingly, the change at quarterback was the hot topic in Rex Ryan's postgame press conference, and here are a few things we learned when Rex took the podium to talk about both the switch and the win.


"It was time to make a change."

Of course, the question that everyone wanted answered was what spurred Ryan to give Sanchez the hook, but unsurprisingly, Ryan was somewhat evasive about the details of the switch, stating simply that, "it was time to make a change," and that he was always going to do what was in "the best interests of the team."

With that said, it's not overly difficult to see why Ryan made the decision he did. Sanchez was a woeful 10-of-21 for 97 yards with three interceptions in the game, and much like in the team's Week 10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the fourth-year pro just looked lost.


"I'll let you guys know."

I'm pretty sure that after fielding approximately nine million questions about Tim Tebow, the last thing Rex Ryan wanted was more controversy surrounding his quarterbacks, but that's just what he's gotten.

However, if Ryan has an inkling as to who will be making the start under center when the Jets travel to face the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14, he wasn't sharing with the rest of the class, as all Ryan said was that he was going to look at the film and that "I'll let you guys know when I'm ready to name a starter."

If Tebow's ribs are sufficiently healed for him to play next week, then these waters are just going to get muddier, but if Ryan is leaning towards making a switch, a matchup with a Jaguars defense that ranks 31st in the National Football League would seem to be the time to do it.


Rex Ryan is tired

This one isn't so much tied to anything that Ryan said so much as an overall observation.

It's been a long season for the 5-7 Jets, and that season appears to have taken a toll on its usually boisterous head coach, who was very subdued even after pulling out a badly needed win.

Ryan applauded his defense, which allowed only 15 second-half yards, and gave props to a running game that rumbled for over 170 yards against a solid Cardinals defense, but when he did so it was with the enthusiasm of a man who badly needs a nap.

Either that, or he already knows that the next week is going to be non-stop badgering about who he's going to start at quarterback against the Jaguars.

It could be that too.