How Does Andy Reid Fit with Dallas Cowboys?

Brandon AlisogluCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 11: Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles hugs head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys after their game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 11, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Do any NFL teams attract drama more than the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles? It's not even debatable. So it was bound to happen that we'd find some gossip that includes both franchises.

No, it doesn't involve Michael Vick. This time, the story is about Andy Reid and the likelihood of him becoming the next head coach of the Cowboys. 

Apparently, he wants the gig and thinks it's a good possibility that he'll land it.

Interesting. Even more so considering Dallas has a head coach and Reid is currently employed by the Eagles. But that won't stop the rumor mill. Nor should it.

At first glance, the Cowboys appear to have a few of the same problems that the Eagles do. For instance, the lack of an offensive line. Well, there are players who line up in the correct positions, but they aren't capable of fulfilling the job description.

Additionally, Dallas has a diva wide receiver who is more likely to induce a headache than score a touchdown. 

Lastly, the quarterbacking situation is one of the most scrutinized and polarizing in the league. 

Obviously, you have extra baggage with Vick besides his on-the-field play. But that doesn't mean as many words aren't written about replacing Tony Romo. Let's face it, neither signal-caller ever really has any job security.

However, this is where the small differences that make this an enticing proposition start to materialize.

Romo isn't nearly as erratic as you may think. The West Coast offense would allow him to focus on completing quick passes, which is something he can do (66.2 career completion percentage).

Additionally, Reid is a quarterback's coach at heart. He was able to help Brett Favre elevate his game and the Green Bay Packers promptly won the Super Bowl with Reid on board the offensive staff. Here's betting he can figure out how to get the best out of Romo.

For years, Reid kept the Eagles competitive, but they didn't make the Super Bowl until they landed a large, mercurial game-breaking wide receiver.

Guess what is already in place in Dallas? Wouldn't Reid love to feature Dez Bryant and might Bryant respond well to a different approach?

It's not certain, but it's certainly intriguing. Thus, Reid's system has some serious potential for the Cowboys offense.

As for the defense, hire a good coordinator (like one with actual defensive coordinator experience) and stay away.

All in all, this might be just crazy enough to work.