Adrian Peterson and 6 Other NFL Players Most Likely to Star in an Action Film

Ricky FrechCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2012

Adrian Peterson and 6 Other NFL Players Most Likely to Star in an Action Film

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    NFL stars are big, brawny and larger than life. That makes them prime candidates to become action stars after their playing days are over.

    It doesn't even matter if they have acting chops, as plenty of guys (Sylvester Stallone comes to mind) have become megastars with subpar acting ability.

    This slideshow will look at which players could make a splash in Hollywood and compare then to actors from the action hit The Expendables 2.

    Special shout-out to Jordan Dangle for helping me flesh out this idea.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

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    Surprised to see D'Brickashaw Ferguson teamed up with martial arts superstar Jet Li, let alone on this list?

    Well don't be, Ferguson might be tipping the scales at 310 lbs, but the big man holds a black belt in karate and studies taekwondo.

    He's not your typical martial arts expert, but he's got some real chops—which should lead to quite a few karate chops in Hollywood.

Clay Matthews

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    There are two main reasons Clay Matthews makes this list.

    1. He trained with Randy Couture during the 2011 lockout.
    2. He's terrifying on the football field.

    Matthews also has a personality and could steal the scene with his muscles and his humor.

Jared Allen

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    Much like Dolph Lundgren's Expendables 2 character, Jared Allen is just the right kind of crazy to be a big-time action star.

    Video evidence seen herehere and also here.

    Really, it's a shame this guy isn't in movies already.

James Harrison

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    James Harrison is a big, bad man who plays the kind of football that would make Deacon Jones proud.

    Terry Crews' character, Hale Caesar, is so much like Harrison, it's almost scary.

    It honestly wouldn't surprise me if they'd enlisted Harrison to be Crews' stunt double.

Adrian Peterson

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    Sculpted physique that every man is jealous of? Check.

    Brown eyes that make the ladies swoon? Check.

    Can pull off wearing a strange hat most people wouldn't be caught dead in? Um...he's working on it.

    If Adrian Peterson isn't the Jason Statham of the NFL, I don't know who is. He's got pretty much everything you could ask for in an action star.

    He even already has great one-liners

Ray Lewis

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    If you're putting together a team of NFL stars to be in an action movie, you're going to need a person to lead them like Sly Stallone does for the Expendables.

    No one leads his men better than Ray Lewis. The loud, emotional Ravens linebacker has always been known as one of the greatest inspirational speakers in the NFL.

    He could star in a movie by himself, but, much like Stallone, Lewis would be better suited to being among a team of other men that he can lead into battle.

    Fair warning to any villains out there: don't make him mad.

Brett Favre

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    If Hollywood execs were to put all these guys together in a single movie, they're going to need a cameo on the level of Chuck Norris (apologies for some language in clip).

    He might have generated some bad feelings with his multiple comebacks, but not many people can drum up the kind of interest Brett Favre can.

    Imagine Favre in a cameo role that sees him slinging grenades out in the battlefield, completing "touchdown passes" to the opposing armies (or would they be interceptions?).