Sheamus: Who Will He Feud with After Big Show?

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistDecember 3, 2012

Sheamus: Who Will He Feud with After Big Show?

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    Sheamus is currently embroiled in a feud with Big Show over the World Heavyweight Championship. It appears that their feud will be wrapping up after the TLC pay-per-view, though, so who will Sheamus feud with next?

    It seems the Celtic Warrior has gone through the entire roster during the 2012 campaign. However, that doesn’t mean new storylines cannot be made with prior opponents.

    If Sheamus doesn’t regain the World Heavyweight title, new stories can be told. Sheamus is slowly becoming more interesting without the title, and that’s a good thing for building Sheamus’ path to the title hunt again and strengthening his character.

    Here are a few opponents Sheamus could feud with. Some are familiar, but the paths are different.

Alberto Del Rio

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    We’ve seen many confrontations between these two stars. Another one might not be wise for Sheamus. It’s much too soon.

    If the WWE decides to have Sheamus and Del Rio fight again, then let’s see Sheamus sweat a little.

    Sheamus could lose to Del Rio, and that would be the right call. We’ve always seen Sheamus as the confident wrestler itching to fight. What if the losses to Del Rio and Show pile up and take a toll on him.

    Losing to these two would also build his character and get the crowd even more invested in him. Plus, Del Rio could use the win. It could make the WWE Universe see him as a viable threat once again.

Dolph Ziggler

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    The self-proclaimed showoff is in an interesting predicament coming into TLC.

    Currently involved in a feud with John Cena, Ziggler still has the briefcase in his possession. He could easily cash it in and become champion at TLC.

    It could happen just like last year a la Daniel Bryan, only Sheamus would have the short reign this time. If you’ve seen their battles against each other throughout the year, you know you’ve witnessed some quality performances from both men.

    It seems unlikely they would recycle the same path for Ziggler, but you never know.

CM Punk

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    The WWE champion has gone through every wrestler during his historic one-year reign.

    Is there anyone else for Punk to feud with? He’s been embroiled with some of the best wrestlers in the company. In fact, he’s beaten Sheamus twice already on television. However, he’s never feuded with him.

    This feud has the highest potential of being truly special. You have the ultimate heel in Punk with the WWE Title intact. If Sheamus doesn’t regain his title, he could challenge Punk.

    This feud could even be WrestleMania worthy. Think about it; the two most talked about champions throughout this past year finally getting their due in the main event on the grandest stage at MetLife Stadium.

    It would be long shot if these two will battle at WrestleMania 29, but they can make this happen. Why not have two of the hottest commodities square off?

Damien Sandow

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    Some might see this as a step down for Sheamus. I respectfully disagree.

    Sandow has been seen as the future of the WWE. He had a good program but brief with Team Hell No and since Cody Rhodes’ injury, he’s been relegated back to meaningless matches.

    A clash with Sheamus would be fresh and something the fans haven’t seen before. A victory over Sheamus would do wonders for Sandow’s career.

    Both have fought before and work well together. It would make sense to put a heel like Sandow against a face like Sheamus.

Antonio Cesaro

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    Battling with the U.S. champion would also be seen as an initial step down for Sheamus. In the long haul, it could become one of the best big-man feuds in the WWE.

    Cesaro fought Sheamus last week in a great bout that had Sheamus going over via count-out. A count-out match isn’t something to brag about, but what happened during the match was great to witness.

    During the match, Cesaro showed off his brute strength by lifting Sheamus in a torture rack slam. It was an impressive feat of strength, as Cesaro lifted him up with ease.

    The matches they could have would be amazing in the WWE. It would be another great example of face vs. heel.

Wade Barrett

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    Speaking of brutal big-man battles, why not embroil a feud between Sheamus and Wade Barrett?

    Barrett came back from a partially dislocated elbow and has been on a moderate roll. He’s fought Sheamus a few times and put on a quality performance each time.

    Barrett can use this to get back into the main event picture. He has the look and the ring presence of what the WWE wants in a wrestler. Putting him with Sheamus doesn’t just benefit Barrett; everyone benefits.

    The fans will be invested in their feud. Their matches would mean something instead of just putting them together every so often

    These are two guys who love to fight. All they need is a quality feud to go with their matches.

Randy Orton

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    Orton and Sheamus have fought before. In fact, they’ve fought each other twice while both men were faces and heels.

    Their only confrontation left would be Orton to turn heel and Sheamus as a face.

    Rumors still swirl of Orton’s heel turn from (via It only seems inevitable Orton returns to his heel ways.

    Sheamus and Orton can provide entertaining encounters. By having Orton heel, Sheamus may finally go over Orton in a meaningful feud.

    A Sheamus/Orton feud may not happen right away, but if done right, it would be well worth the wait.