BCS Standings 2012: Teams That Prove Rankings Are a Joke

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IDecember 2, 2012

STANFORD, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw holds up a rose after the Cardinal beat the UCLA Bruins  27-24 in the Pac-12 Championship game at Stanford Stadium on November 30, 2012 in Stanford, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you need a good laugh, read the BCS standings. There are teams ranked too high, teams ranked too low, conferences that are either over or undervalued and in some cases, it is all painfully obvious. 

This system of rankings and standings is an inexact science. That much is understood, but that doesn't mean the BCS rankings have to be this far off. It slights the fan by cheapening the bowl experience with bad matchups. 

Here are three teams that highlight the folly of this season's standings. 

*Ranking next to team is for Week 14. Click the above link for current standings, which will be updated Sunday night. 


No. 8 Stanford

Stanford has a nice No. 8 ranking and will probably be No. 7 this week after its 27-24 win over UCLA this Saturday in the Pac-12 Championship game.

However, the Cardinal deserve to be higher. They have won seven straight and the last four have all come against teams ranked in the Top 25, with two of those coming on the road. 

The Cardinal's win in Eugene over the Ducks on Nov. 17 is as impressive a win as any team has to put on its resume. 

The Cardinal are being hindered by the fact they have two losses. Yes, their loss in Seattle to the Huskies Sept. 27 is a real blemish, but the loss in South Bend to Notre Dame in overtime...not so much. 

The Cardinal were denied a touchdown on a bogus 4th-and-goal call. Had that call gone their way, they very well could have won that game. 

Stanford is playing as well as any team in the nation, and it has the resume to prove it. It deserves serious consideration for the national title game and it won't get it. 


No. 12 Nebraska

The Cornhuskers are in line for a big fall after their 70-31 trouncing at the hands of Wisconsin, but they will still be ranked and poised for a nice bowl game. 

This team shouldn't be ranked at all. It is unacceptable to give up 70 points to an unranked team, and that was the second time this season the Cornhuskers have allowed a team to break the 60-point mark. 

Nebraska has a nice 10-3 record, but they only have one win against a team that was ranked when they played. 

Nebraska has done little to prove they are among the nation's elite teams, but the standings are trying to tell us differently. 


No. 20 Boise State

Boise State has turned exposing the BCS standings as a farce into an annual tradition. 

This has never been more apparent than it was in the Week 14 rankings. Boise State sat at No. 22 in Week 13. They were idle last week, but the seven teams directly in front of them all lost—yet Boise State climbed to just No. 20. 

This was a costly gaffe by the standings. The Broncos needed to be ranked in the Top 16 to be eligible for a BCS bowl bid. 

With so many teams losing in front of them, the Broncos should have made the jump to No. 16. Instead, it wasn't even close, and now the Broncos have next to no hope of climbing that high this week. 


 1. Notre Dame
 2. Alabama
 3. Georgia
 4. Florida
 5. Oregon
 6. Kansas State
 7. LSU
 8. Stanford
 9. Texas A&M
 10. South Carolina
 11. Oklahoma
 12. Nebraska
 13. Florida State
 14. Clemson
 15. Oregon State
 16. UCLA
 17. Kent State
 18. Texas
 19. Michigan
 20. Boise State
 21. Northern Illinois
 22. Northwestern
 23. Oklahoma State
 24. Utah State
 25. San Jose State


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