Vikings vs Packers: Minnesota Wastes Another Huge Peterson Outing

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2012

The entirety of the Vikings' offense came down to some fantastic catches by tight end Kyle Rudolph and another tremendous outing by Adrian Peterson.

Both were also totally wasted.

Until the fourth quarter (deep into it) the Vikings' wide receivers were no-shows, held without a catch by the Packers' secondary, some awful Christian Ponder throws and a generally bad effort from the receivers, especially Jerome Simpson.

Simpson, a big offseason acquisition who was supposed to stretch the field, was targeted seven times and caught just two passes.

As bad as Ponder was (and he was) Simpson cannot gain separation and is unable to make a big play when called upon.

Twice Peterson stole the momentum from the Packers, and twice the Vikings lost it. Ponder's two interceptions were backbreaking, especially the one he threw in the end zone, which would have really changed the course of the game.

On the play, Ponder rolled to his right to avoid pressure and could have run back to the line of scrimmage, as the end zone was filled with Packers. 

Instead, he spied his favorite target, Rudolph, crossing the back of the end zone. What he didn't see was Morgan Burnett trailing Rudolph.

I say "didn't see" because it's hard to believe he would throw that ball otherwise. Burnett was in outstanding position to make a play, and he did, picking the pass off and killing the momentum the Vikings had.

It's decisions like those that continue to cast his status as the starter for next year into doubt.

This was a missed opportunity for the Vikings, because they were in this game for most of it, but bad decisions and bad plays kept them down.

When the defense collapsed late in the game, it wasn't a shock, as there was only so much they could do to keep it close.

Like Peterson's and Rudolph's, its effort was wasted as well.

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