Chiefs vs. Panthers: Live Game Grades and Player Analysis for Kansas City

Christopher Amick@!/TheAmickCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2012

Chiefs vs. Panthers: Live Game Grades and Player Analysis for Kansas City

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    The Chiefs have put together their best half of complementary football this season and beat the Panthers 27-21 today at Arrowhead Stadium.

    The murder/suicide of Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, has placed a somber setting for today's football game.

    Things like this have way of putting things in perspective, and was tough to grade this team after such events, but I did my best.

    Kansas City travels to Cleavland next week to take on the Browns.


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    Overall Grade -- A

    Brady Qiunn played a near perfect game today. Something that hasn't been said about a Chiefs' quarterback in a very long time.

    Quinn finished 19-of-23 for 201 yards and two touchdowns. He led the offense with a great tempo and made great decisions all game long.


    Third Quarter -- A

    Quinn is in complete control of the offense and has made some excellent throws off of play action today.

    Not saying he is the long-term answer but Quinn looks better at quarterback than Matt Cassel ever has in a Kansas City uniform.

    The Notre Dame star has completed over 80 percent of his passes and has two touchdowns in three great quarters of play.


    Second Quarter -- B

    Quinn has some zip on his passes and it is nice to see some arm strength from a Kansas City quarterback. He has been pressing the ball down field some and Quinn has passed for 122 yards and a touchdown in the first half.

    He still needs to be more aggressive on third downs, but Quinn is playing well.

    First Quarter -- A

    Brady Quinn looked very sharp in his first drive and led the Chiefs to their first opening drive score in almost two seasons.

    As hard as I as have been on the Kansas City quarterbacks this season, Quinn has been very impressive.


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    Overall Grade -- A

    Jammal Charles had another fantastic game and rushed for 127 yards. When Charles does well, the Chiefs usually have a chance.

    Brady Quinn played very well and led the offense with ease. He was decisive and led the Chiefs to 27 points and their first win in two months.


    Third Quarter -- A

    The inside running game continues to be the bread and butter of this team and Jamaal Charles looks close to breaking off a huge run at some point.  He has over 100 yards so far.

    It is also nice to see Tony Moeaki  and Jonathan Baldwin get involved with the offense and both have touchdowns today.

    The offense has been remarkably efficient and has no turnovers or penalties so far in three quarters of play and they are controlling the clock with ease.


    Second Quarter -- B

    The offense has stalled a bit in the second quarter but it still is an improvement over what Chiefs fans have endured in 2012.

    Jamaal Charles has been excellent while rushing for over 70 yards. 

    The physicality of Dwayne Bowe is making some noise and he has three catches for 54 yards.



    First Quarter -- A

    Jamaal Charles is leading the charge again and the Chiefs’ offense looks as solid as it has all season.  Peyton Hillis punched in the first opening drive score for Kansas City all season and he is being used well in short yardage situations.

    Brady Quinn has been decisive and effective. He is 4-of-5 on the day for 65 yards.


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    Overall Grade -- B

    After a shaky first half, the Chiefs defense put together a very solid effort in the second half.

    Solid performances all around by Dontari Poe, Tyson Jackson and Justin Houston helped seal the win for Kansas City.


    Third Quarter -- A

    Continued inspired play by the defense. They are rested and looked primed for a great fourth quarter. Dontari Poe has played very well today.

    Cam Newton looks flustered in the passing game and it looked like the Kansas City defense was starting to blitz more frequently in the third quarter.


    Second Quarter -- B

    Cam Newton is killing the Kansas City secondary early on. Cornerback Brandon Flowers looked to be injured and that’s bad news for the Chiefs’ defense if he can’t return.  Steve Smith has a long touchdown pass already and seems to be getting open with ease so far.

    They have seemed to stopped the bleeding some and slowed down Cam Newton a bit.


    First Quarter -- C

    The Kansas City defense looks spotty again. Cam Newton is continuing his excellent play from last week and it could be a long day for the Chiefs if they don’t figure out how to stop him.

    On the bright side, cornerback Javier Arenas is really growing into his new role as a starter.

    A blown coverage allowed Greg Olsen to score on a 47-yard touchdown and tight ends continue to give the Chiefs huge problems.

Special Teams

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    Overall Grade -- B

    Kicker Ryan Succop made his two field goal attempts. Good special teams effort on returns and coverage.


    Third Quarter -- C

    Nothing much write home about again. No field goal attempts or big returns.


    Second Quarter -- C

    Nothing much to speak of on special teams.


    First Quarter -- B

    Ryan Succop continues his excellent season. Succop nailed another field goal in the first quarter and is Kansas City's leading scoring in 2012.


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    Overall Grade -- A

    Great coaching today by Romeo Crennel and the rest of the staff. After yesterdays tragedy, it is remarkable that Kansas City was able to play today.

    Kudos to Chiefs' management and staff for their job this weekend.

    On the field, The offense was sharp and the defense held when needed. A valiant effort.


    Third Quarter -- A

    Best coaching performance of the season on both sides of the ball.

    The offense has been sharp and the running game has been excellent.

    Defensively, Gary Gibbs has steadily made good adjustments as the game as progressed against Cam Newton and company.


    Second Quarter -- A

    After the Steve Smith score, the defense looks to have shaped up and the offense continues to be effective.

    Excellent decision by Romeo Crennel and company to go for it on forth and goal at the end of the first half to put Kansas City up by three.


    First Quarter -- B

    Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is doing an excellent job of leaning on the rushing attack so far. It has opened up some nice opportunities for Brady Quinn early on.

    Defensively, Gary Gibbs needs to find a way to put the clamps on Cam Newton and the Panthers running game.