NCAA Tournament: Is Anything More Exciting than March Madness?

Matthew CoyneContributor IMarch 23, 2008

As I sat on my couch this afternoon watching a ten seed in Davidson College take down highly touted No. 2 Georgetown, I asked myself if anything is as great as March Madness.

I cannot really put my finger on what makes it so great.

Maybe it's the selection process that sometimes makes you scratch your head.  How could they let Arizona in when they were beaten by archrival Arizona State every time?

Maybe it's the parity that makes you watch a No. 16 play a No. 1.  Maybe, just maybe, this could be the year. 

Maybe it's the hours, or even days, of meticulous speculation that goes into each and every selection you make on your bracket.  You put a great deal of into it all, only to have it shot to hell when Kansas State upsets USC and sends your Midwest Region into complete and utter turmoil.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say it's a little of all of that.  Plus, there is the fact that the NCAA National Basketball Tournament pits the best 64 college teams against each other in an all-out, three week brawl for National Championship.

Nothing, not even a college football tournament, can provide that kind of excitement.

I'll be honest—I'm a sucker for an upset.  The Final Four is markedly upset-laden, which makes this time of year even better.

What other tournament has a 1,700 student school battle a basketball powerhouse?  And when does the little guy ever win?

As far as storylines go, the month of March is more than you could ever ask for.

I love sports, but no event can keep my eyes glued to my television for an entire afternoon like the Final Four.  Nothing holds my attention like the games going on now or the matchups ahead.

Let's all step back and forget our screwed up pools and terrible picks, and appreciate the two 12 seeds and seven seed making their way into the Sweet 16.

Slow down and enjoy some of the best basketball in the world, because come April 8th we'll have crowned a National Champion, and us sports fans will be enthralled with something else completely.

At least until next year.