WWE: 10 Superstars That Could Use a Heel Turn

Dean Siemon@deansiemonAnalyst IIDecember 2, 2012

WWE: 10 Superstars That Could Use a Heel Turn

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    Many wrestling fans love to see a bad guy. The one we love to hate. And sometimes we see the good guy make the turn to the dark side.

    One of the best examples of a long-time face turn into a heel was Hulk Hogan joining the New World Order (nWo). It refreshed his career that was beginning to turn bland vanilla.

    In the PG era of WWE, there are plenty of "good guys" that could use a turn to restart and freshen up their character and career. Some of these are no-brainers and some of these might create some debates. There's even a few that even I forgot were still on the main roster.

    So let's start the list of WWE superstars that should let the hate flow through (yes, another Star Wars reference).

10. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Does anyone remember Ezekiel Jackson?

    He was the last ECW Champion before they turned that brand into NXT. He also won the Intercontinental Championship.

    This man reminds me so much of Ahmed Johnson. He's one of those bodybuilders that only has so much to give. I don't like him as a good guy. He was boring.

    He might be just a good mid-card talent at best, but he'd be a good talent to squash lower-card guys and help establish others who are climbing the ranks.

9. The Great Khali

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    I thought the way the Great Khali debuted as a monster heel against the Undertaker was great. But now he's a face somehow and I never understood why.

    Why would you make one of your largest athletes a good guy when he can be that talent you want someone like John Cena or Ryback to overcome to certify them as top guys?

    Make Khali a monster heel again for Ryback to feud with. Imagine the pop Ryback would get if he got this man on his shoulders for the Shell Shock.

    But alas, WWE has booked this giant as a dancing fool with the second-worst moves. Which leads me to the next guy.

8. Brodus Clay

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    Around last year when we were getting the promo videos for Brodus Clay's return to television, we were all thinking of the next monster heel.

    But then we got the Funkasaurus? After slamming my head against the table in disgust, I lost faith in talent relations.

    Just have him get sick of losing with this gimmick, drop the two girls and go back to just destroying everything in his path like he had in some of his matches on WWE Superstars.

    I also loved it when he would say "Sheeewah" with every slam or throw. It got catchy. Not this. This gimmick needs to die.

7. Ted DiBiase

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    Another example of the ball having been dropped by WWE on a talented wrestler.

    Yes, he wasn't the greatest heel when he brought back the Million Dollar Championship and Virgil. But give him another chance with it. I thought it was a great idea and wish they never switched him to a face. He's a terrible good guy.

    The son of the Million Dollar Man can be part of a movement that brings a bit of that classic look to the WWE. His former tag team partner Cody Rhodes brought back the old-school Intercontinental title.

    Let DiBiase offer money to fans for doing gross and embarrassing dares. Especially if you can put a big guy like Brodus Clay as his bodyguard.

    I'm sure some will disagree, but do you really think he's better where he is in the WWE totem pole?

6. Sin Cara

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    If the WWE is going to book the Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio match at April's WrestleMania, then make the newer guy the heel.

    Rey Mysterio turning heel would be interesting, I just don't see it because the little kids love him. With Sin Cara, you would have a great storyline where he shows that he used to look up to Mysterio but became jealous while teaming with him.

    For the long-term, it would be interesting to see someone with his move set. I also think he could form a tag team with Hunico, another talented high-flyer who's career has flat-lined the last few months.

5. R-Truth

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    Here's someone that had the perfect gimmick when he was feuding with John Cena before the CM Punk era began.

    Sure, his promos made him sound like he had a few screws loose and talking to people who were invisible. But the whole insane gimmick was a little different and it worked for him. Let him go back to that, please.

    He can feud with guys like Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. The two were former Tag Team Champions. It already has the perfect setup ready whenever the WWE creative staff discovers it.

4. The Miz

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    When I saw they were beginning a face turn for this man, I yelled like Daniel Bryan. NO! NO! NO!

    Why would you ruin a good thing? He's perfect as a smug, confident heel who has a lot of charisma that many on the roster are missing. He still has a bit of it as this apparent face.

    Besides, the face turn wasn't executed very well. There are a lot of ways it could have been better. But what's to stop the WWE from putting him back in that other side and do it later.

3. Zack Ryder

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    Here is a guy who needs a major character change. It isn’t at any fault to Zack Ryder, but to WWE for not taking advantage of how much of a following he has created online with Twitter and Youtube.

    So what can you do with this star? Make him a heel. It can easily happen if you make him a little more darker and more of a jerk to the fans. He has the ability to. It could even help two careers if you reunite him with his former partner Curt Hawkins.

    Maybe it’s not the Ryder Revolution that began last year, but it could start the evolution of a great heel.

2. John Cena

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    Fans have been demanding this turn for a long time now. It was even teased when feuding with Kane before last year's WrestleMania.

    But here's the multi-colored mascot that entertains the children in this PG WWE product. Honestly, I hope this happens because I'm sick of the same old gimmick where he's the superhero that clears out a ring with the same three moves and gets the girl.

    At this point, I don't care how the story is written up and how you make him a bad guy. Have it where he becomes so obsessed with the WWE Championship that he is willing to cross any lines to do it. It worked for Hulk Hogan as I mentioned before.

    If this is the current day Hulkamania, give it a twist like WCW did in the 1990s.

1. Randy Orton

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    The reason I want this heel turn is not because it would be a defining moment like the John Cena turn would be.

    This is needed for Randy Orton because he has become the blandest wrestler on television. His character is so vanilla that he's almost at the level of Ted DiBiase in regards to boredom level.

    Sure the fans are cheering him. But it can't last long if you don't do something with him that gets attention.

    I want the old Orton where he said the voices in his head made him do the evil things. When he slapped Vince McMahon in the face before punting him. The vintage Orton would attack the legends to make a name for himself.

    Where is that guy? His last WrestleMania match was a loss to Kane with very little build up. This has to be done. Maybe have it where he's the leader behind The Shield. He would be a perfect guy to mold the new stars in Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.